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Thanksgiving Riddles To Solve

We started the Thanksgiving Riddle tradition out of sheer boredom, sitting around with the family after a traditional turkey dinner. riddles were a great way to make people laugh and engage in conversation.  Try it for yourself, start with our Thanksgiving Riddles, and move on to our famous Best Riddles.

Riddle: Where does Christmas come before Thanksgiving?
Answer: In the dictionary.
Thanksgiving Riddles
Riddle: Why did they let the Turkey join the Thanksgiving band?
Answer: Because he had the drumsticks.
Riddle: Why did the turkey cross the road?
Answer: To prove he wasn't chicken.
Thanksgiving Riddles
Riddle: What smells the best at Thanksgiving dinner?
Answer: Your nose.
Riddle: What is the best key to a good dinner?
Answer: A tur-key.
Thanksgiving Riddles
Riddle: What kind of key do you use on Thanksgiving?
Answer: A Turkey.
Riddle: Why didn't the turkey finish its dessert?
Answer: Because it was stuffed.
Thanksgiving Riddles
Riddle: Which side of the turkey has the most feathers?
Answer: The outside.
Riddle: If April showers bring may flowers, what do may flowers bring?
Answer: Pilgrims.
Riddle: Where did pilgrims land when they arrived in America?
Answer: On their feet.
Riddle: What do you call unhappy cranberries?
Answer: Blueberries.
Riddle: Of everybody, you could ask to join you for Thanksgiving dinner, who would always say no?
Answer: The turkey!
Riddle: Why did all the pecans go to space?
Answer: They were Astro-nuts!
Riddle: It's Thanksgiving, and your mom has enlisted your help in making dessert. She has settled on pie, so the two of you get to work. You turn your back for one second before realizing a pie is missing from the lineup. There were 2 apples, 1 cherry, 1 pumpkin, and 1 blueberry. Unfortunately, the blueberry one is missing. You decide to go question your siblings and find out who knows something. They all claimed to be in their rooms at the time of the baking. You: Okay, who took it? We had 5 pies ready for the feast when everyone gets here and now we're down to 4. Do any of you know where the missing pie went? Wendy: What?! You're accusing me? I bet you ate it. You probably couldn't resist and are trying to frame us again! Damien: I don't know, check in Wally's room? You know how much he likes blueberry and apple pie, right? Tess: I'm allergic to blueberry, you know that! Mom had to warn me so I wouldn't eat it when the time came! Wally: Come on, I may like pie, but do you really think I would sneak behind Mommy's back and eat it? It's pretty clear to you who ate the pie. You tell your mom what they said and she gathered them all into the living room. "Okay," she said to you, "on the count of three, point to who you think did it. I'll do it too. One - two - three!" You and your mom point to the same person... who did you point to?
Answer: Damien. You may think it's Tess, but she would know about the flavor because your mom told her. But how would Damien know about it?
Riddle: Why did the Indian chief wear so many feathers?
Answer: To keep his wigwam.
Riddle: Where do Turkeys go to dance?
Answer: The Butter Ball.
Riddle: What was the pilgrim favorite type of music?
Answer: Plymouth Rock.
Riddle: What does a turkey do when it flys upside down?
Answer: It gobbles up.
Riddle: Why is a farm-yard like a hotel?
Answer: It is generally patronized by gobblers.
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Thanksgiving Riddles Answers:

  1. In the dictionary.
  2. Because he had the drumsticks.
  3. To prove he wasn't chicken.
  4. Your nose.
  5. A tur-key.
  6. A Turkey.
  7. Because it was stuffed.
  8. The outside.
  9. Pilgrims.
  10. On their feet.
  11. Blueberries.
  12. The turkey!
  13. They were Astro-nuts!
  14. Damien. You may think it's Tess, but she would know about the flavor because your mom told her. But how would Damien know about it?
  15. To keep his wigwam.
  16. The Butter Ball.
  17. Plymouth Rock.
  18. It gobbles up.
  19. It is generally patronized by gobblers.