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Riddle: Yvonne and Diane are two friends going out on a camping trip. Here are some of the things they plan to take with them: chair, lamp, rice, game, tent. Can you guess which item the girls should leave at home?
Answer: Yvonne and Diane should leave the chair at home. "Lamp", "Rice", "Game", and "Tent" all have four letters, while "Chair" has five letters.
Camping Conundrum Riddle Meme.
Camping Conundrum Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: Robert and Emma are a couple living together. Robert is rich, while Emma is broke. One day, Robert places a $50 bill on the table in their living room and leaves to go to the bathroom. Emma sees the bill and takes it for herself. When Robert comes back, he doesn't see the $50 bill; he asks Emma what happened. The woman said that a gust of wind had blown into the room and the bill flew out of the window. Robert didn't believe Emma and asked her to give him the money back. Why?
Answer: If a gust of wind flies into a room, nothing can possibly fly out of the window. The $50 bill would have just flown from the table to the floor, not the other way around.
Stolen or Blown Away?  Riddle Meme.
Stolen or Blown Away? Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: Angela had a disease that required her to take pills. One day, her doctor prescribed her three pills that would help to cure her of her disease. She needed to take one pill every 30 minutes. How much time will pass before Angela takes all of the pills?
Answer: One hour will pass. Once Angela takes the first pill, she'll wait 30 minutes. After that, she will take the second pill and wait another 30 minutes. And then she will take the last pill after that. After all, the first pill doesn't take 30 minutes to take.
Every 30 Minutes Riddle Meme.
Every 30 Minutes Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: Betty and Becky are twins, who love to lie on certain days. Betty lies on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, while Becky lies on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. One day, you come up to the twins and ask them what day it is. They say, "Yesterday was one of my lying days," in unison. What day is it?
Answer: It can't be Sunday because both girls would be telling the truth…and someone is obviously lying now. It can either be Monday or Thursday because on those days, either Betty or Becky lies. But if it's Monday, both girls would lie saying yesterday was a lying day. Therefore, it's Thursday; Betty is telling the truth, and Becky is lying.
"Yesterday was one of my lying days,". Riddle Meme.
"Yesterday was one of my lying days,". Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: One afternoon, Aaron, a cashier at a huge grocery store, called the police to report a robbery. He said that right above him, the fluorescent light started to malfunction, so he grabbed a chair to stand on while trying to fix it. As soon as Aaron touched the bulb, he burned his hand and fell down. And when he came to his senses, the money was gone. The police officer refused to investigate further. Why?
Answer: Aaron couldn't have burned his hand because fluorescent light bulbs don't heat up. Therefore, his story is fake.
Foolish Fluorescent Light Bulb Riddle Meme.
Foolish Fluorescent Light Bulb Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: Your spaceship lands on a foreign planet. A stranger in his workout clothes greets you to the entrance of the base. You go inside the base and wait for it to depressurize before removing your space suit. But before you get a chance to remove it, you get a message that someone at the base is an impostor. Who could it be–a man who covers his face because he has a sunburn, a woman with flaky patches all over her skin, or the stranger you saw earlier?
Answer: The stranger you saw earlier is an impostor because a human who is not wearing a spacesuit cannot survive outside of the base in the foreign planet's atmosphere, but this stranger somehow survived without his spacesuit.
Who is an Impostor? Riddle Meme.
Who is an Impostor? Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: Ainsley was having breakfast at her favorite café. She went to the bathroom, leaving her smartphone near her food. When Ainsley returned to her seat, she realized that her device was gone; she also looked just in time to see a man rushing out of the café. When she reached the man, Ainsley asked him to give her her device, but the man said, "I know nothing about your smartphone!". As soon as Ainsley heard these words, she took her device back and called the police. Why?
Answer: How did the man know that Ainsley's device was a smartphone?
Detect the Device Thief Riddle Meme.
Detect the Device Thief Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: I have seven yellow pencils, seven red pencils, and seven blue pencils. I have to divide them into two groups; the first group has to have three fewer yellow pencils than the second group, the second group should have one more red pencil than the first group, and the first group should have five more blue pencils than the second group. How many blue pens would be in each pile?
Answer: Zero. I have seven blue PENCILS, not PENS.
Divide the Pencils Riddle Meme.
Divide the Pencils Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: You are a monster hunter. You know that werewolves either tell only truths or only lies. One day, you meet up with your friends-Daniel and Cameron-and ask if either one of them is a werewolf. Daniel says, "Cameron is a lying werewolf. And I'm a human,". And Cameron says, "Daniel is telling the truth,". Can you identify who is who?
Answer: You know that werewolves cannot tell half-truths, so Daniel's statements have to both be either true or false. If they are both true, then Daniel is a human, and Cameron is a lying werewolf. But then, Cameron is telling the truth, too. This contradicts Daniel's second statement. Therefore, both of Daniel's statements are false, and Cameron is also lying. It means that Daniel is a werewolf and Cameron is a lying human.
Werewolf or Human?  Riddle Meme.
Werewolf or Human? Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: There are two rooms in front of you. On the door to each room, there is a sign; only one of the signs tells the truth. The sign on the door to the first room says, "There is treasure here. A monster lurks in the other room,". And the sign on the door to the second room says, "The treasure and the monster are in different rooms,". Where is the treasure?
Answer: The treasure is in the second room. If the first sign is true, then the second sign is true, too. This contradicts the terms of the game. Therefore, the first sign is false, and the second sign is truthful.
Two Rooms, Some Treasure, and a Monster Riddle Meme.
Two Rooms, Some Treasure, and a Monster Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.