Riddle: A man has the job of a someone who guards a bank. He is that someone. This man is a physic and has visions in his dreams. One day he goes to the manager n tells him "you will crash your car and i knows this because i am a physic". That day the manger crashes his car. The next day he called the physic in and said "if i catch you doing this again il fire you". the next day the physic runs to the manger and says "sir, your wife will die today!!!"
The manager runs home n finds his wife dead.
The next time the manager saw the physic he says "YOUR FIRED!!!" y did the manger fire the physic?
Answer: The physic is a guy who works NIGHT-SHIFTS and to have a vision u must be a sleep. He was fired for sleeping on the job. lol
Night shifts- they're hazardeous Riddle Meme.
Night shifts- they're hazardeous Riddle Meme.
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