Riddle: A man is found hanged from a pole the has a horizontal bit at the top. The pole cannot be climbed no matter what. The police come and investigate. All they find is some water on the floor with the weather hot with the Sun and a rope still hanging at the top on the horizontal bit on the pole with man on it very high up. All they know is that the man had no enimies and no friends. He also had no relatives or a job. How did he die?
Answer: The man commited sucide since he has no one. The way he died was a large ice cube which were shaped like steps. He used it to get to the horizontal bit on the pole and then put a rope around his neck and a rope around the horizontal bit. the hot sun melted the ice and that what caused the water on the floor.
How'd he die? Riddle Meme.
How'd he die? Riddle Meme.
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