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Riddle: Hidden in the poem below, a female's name you'll seek; just read and listen to the rhyme, but please, don't take a week! MYSTERY POEM: The Vegans say that they will eat, no raw meat, steamed, or cooked; but should they bite one juicy steak, I think they might get hooked. What is the female name you hear?
Answer: NORA.
Hidden Female Mystery Rhyme Riddle Meme.
Hidden Female Mystery Rhyme Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: If someone were to write a biography about us, the following could be reported: #1- Some of us reside in boxes, and others of us can be found resting in the backs of cars, but we are not homeless. #2- Four of us are found in a part of every ship. #3- One of us is famous for falling down a steep incline and injuring himself. #4- Ten of us are associated with a round ball, but we are not basketball players. #5- Unfortunately, one of us is reputed to be a serial killer. Based on the biographical information above - - - Who/what are we?
Answer: We are all Jacks / jacks.
The Biography of ??? Riddle Meme.
The Biography of ??? Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: Messy Marge's mother was scolding her once again for keeping such a messy bedroom -- and right after she had said she was done cleaning it. Her mother began her lecture by saying, "Messy Marge (that is what her mother called her), I just finished inspecting your room, and I was shocked by some of the things I discovered on your bedroom floor. I found 11 red balloons, 7 orange-colored stars, 9 green things which resembled clover leafs, 4 moon-shaped objects of a bluish color, and 10 little pink hearts; but the mess that really irritated me was the 26 horse shoes I found on your closet floor! Is Messy Marge destined to be the next subject on the TV show "Hoarders: Buried Alive," or is there some less horrific explanation for the contents of her room?
Answer: Messy Marge is messy with her belongings, but she has also been caught eating in her room. In this case, she’s been eating bowls of Lucky Charms cereal, and spilling many of the colored marshmallows in various places in her room.
Messy Marge Riddle Meme.
Messy Marge Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: Two teenagers, covered in tattoos and dressed in black leather jackets with chains around their necks, strutted into a local business. Each of the teens was carrying a long, tapered, hardwood stick. When they entered the room, they arrogantly announced in a loud voice, "We are here to beat everyone in this room, and no one can stop us!" Several of the patrons started to leave out the back door, fearing a confrontation was unavoidable. The two, true to their words, proceeded to beat everyone in the room with their sticks, despite being heavily outnumbered. Everyone who dared to stand up to them was beaten in turn, but no one called the police to stop the beatings, and the owner of the establishment thanked them for coming --- and even welcomed them back! Has society completely fallen to pieces, or is there some rational explanation for these events?
Answer: The two talented teens had gone to either a local youth center, or to a local pool hall, where they successfully challenged and defeated each of the willing patrons there in the game of pool.
Stick it to the Man  Riddle Meme.
Stick it to the Man Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: A small group of people are all standing around a two-foot tall, empty, wooden container. Two women approach the group carrying a silver container, which they place inside the wooden container. No one complains about the quarter-sized hole in the side of the wooden object. A Z-shaped piece of metal is then attached to both the silver and wooden containers, and one-at-a-time, the members of the small group take turns grasping the Z-shaped piece of metal and moving their hands in a circular motion. When one tires of this, another person takes over, and this is repeated numerous times. Finally, a heavy group member places his foot on top of the Z-shaped object, while a final group member performs a few last circular motions. After this, the top of the silver container is removed, and an object made of wood and metal is removed from it. Later, the contents of the silver container are consumed by those present. What has been going on here?
Answer: This group was making home made ice cream using an old fashioned hand-cranked ice cream freezer.
Strange Ritual Riddle Meme.
Strange Ritual Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: A son went to his father's house and knocked on the door. When his father answered the door, the son said, "O.K., today is the day I promised to burn your house to the ground." "But I built the house in 1941 with my own two hands. It has a lot of sentimental value, and is still very useful to me," replied the father. "Too bad," said the son, "but I have always loathed it, especially in the wintertime, and I grew to especially hate it since you added that second hole to it when you built the addition to the house when I was a teenager." "But if you burn the house down, where will I go?" asked the father. "You will just have to go where most people go in these modern times," answered the son. "Well, I guess you're right," said his father. The son then promptly escorted his father outside, where the son proceeded to burn the house down to the ground in front of his father's tear-filled eyes. Had this father raised a deranged, sociopathic pyromaniac for a son, or is there another explanation for these bizarre events?
Answer: The father, although he owned a fully functioning home, had never been able to break himself from the habit of going to the bathroom in the Outhouse he had built for his family back in 1941. The son, along with the neighbors, considered the Outhouse to be a public eyesore, and the son had been trying for some time to get his father to agree to let him burn it down.
Going ----- Going ----- Gone! Riddle Meme.
Going ----- Going ----- Gone! Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: I believe my brother Sam may secretly be an actual mad scientist! In his home, he keeps several odd animals confined behind heavy, glass walls -- walls designed to never allow these creatures to escape! The most grotesque thing about these beasts is the fact that they have no stomachs -- that's right -- no stomachs!! And yet, he feels compelled to feed them every day-- so they will grow! Sam appears to have no fear of these beasts, but should they ever find a way to gain their freedom from their glass prison, things would get very, very messy! Is Sam in danger from these creatures? Should the authorities be contacted to stop Sam from feeding these stomach-less creatures and helping them to outgrow their restraining enclosure? Just what exactly are these beasts without stomachs, and could they be a danger to society?
Answer: My brother Sam has an aquarium in his home where he keeps several Koi fish. Koi fish have no stomachs, and are known to grow quite large.
My Brother —The Mad Scientist!!! Riddle Meme.
My Brother —The Mad Scientist!!! Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: Five male teenagers and five female teens each step into ten separate circles. The males make disparaging remarks to the females while pointing their thumbs downward, and the female teens respond to the males in the same fashion in retaliation. "You have no chance to beat us!", declares one of the male teens to the female five. "You losers don't have a prayer to win!", shouts one of the females to the male group. Suddenly, a judge for the event appears and announces, "The last person still legally performing the maneuver within their circle, wins for their entire group!" The judge then officially begins the competition by playing a CD of a famous song by Alvin and the Chipmunks. The song continues to play loudly, until only one person is left who is legally performing the maneuver within their circle. Are these people on board the train to Nuttytown, or is there actually some legitimate event being decided here?
Answer: The two five-member teams are competing in a hula-hoop endurance contest. The theme song played during the competition is one of The Chipmunks greatest hits called: The Chipmunk’s Hula-Hoop Christmas Song.
The Circle of Strife Riddle Meme.
The Circle of Strife Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: A man and a woman enter a crowded room where many people they have seen before are present. The man and the woman enter the room separately, but only one of them enters to a musical serenade. Another man speaks to each of them for a few minutes when the two get together in the room. The crowd has been quiet for the most part, and the familiar people seem to be in a happy mood, but when the man and the woman leave the room, they find the crowd is now outside waiting for them. When the crowd sees the man and the woman, they begin shouting and throwing food at the two as they try to depart the area. What was going on here, and why did the crowd pelt the man and the woman with food?
Answer: The man and the woman were getting married, and the food being thrown at them was rice.
Maniac Mob Riddle Meme.
Maniac Mob Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: If someone were to write a biography about us, the following could be reported: #1 - Many famous people have sung about my type of ribbons over the years. #2 - My type of fever often occurs in children, ages 5 to 15. #3 - According to the book of Isaiah in the Bible, "Though your sins be as me, they shall be white as snow...." #4 - Rhett loved me, but did I love Rhett? Unfortunately, the answer was lost, as it went with the breeze. #5 - Author Nate H. wrote a famous book about my type of letter in 1850. Based on the biographical information above --- Who/what are we?
Answer: We are the biography of Scarlet.
#7 - The Biography of ??? Riddle Meme.
#7 - The Biography of ??? Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.