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Riddle: My little circle of friends here, getting bumped off one-by-one, reminds me of Agatha Christie's famous murder mystery "Ten Little Indians", where a small group of people are knocked off, one at a time, until only the killer and one person is left. The main difference is that in Christie's novel, the last survivor was to die by hanging, but in my situation, the sole survivor will be given "The Chair"! Should this person call the police? Is there a life-and-death scenario going on here, or is everyone's safety assured? What exactly is happening?
Answer: The person, along with a small group of their friends, is engaged in a game of Musical Chairs. "The Chair" is always reserved for the last person left.
Sole Survivor Riddle Meme.
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Riddle: A rookie police officer was working his assigned beat, but to make his job a little more interesting, he decided to bring his radar gun along with him. He began testing the gun by pointing it at various moving objects to determine their speed. He noted people were moving between one and three miles per hour; however, when he pointed his radar gun away from the crowd of people there, the gun suddenly read 80 M.P.H. Again he pointed it in the same direction, and he got a speed reading of 85 M.P.H. He continued pointing the radar gun toward the same general area for the next 30 minutes and recorded speeds ranging between 60 and 95 miles per hour. Considering the fact there were numerous people milling about the area he was patrolling, why do you suppose he never once reported any of these high speeds to his department? For the safety of all of these people, shouldn't a speed trap be set up or speeding tickets issued? What exactly was going on here?
Answer: The rookie police officer was assigned to patrol a minor league baseball game. Most of his radar readings came from his pointing the gun at the various pitches the opposing pitchers were throwing during the game.
Passive Policeman? Riddle Meme.
Passive Policeman? Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: Three American military veterans: Ron(Army), Terry(Army), and Ron(Marines) retired from their military careers and decided to go into business together. Using all of their engineering knowledge and expertise, the three veterans have revamped an idea for an old device, made many improvements to it, and are now trying to patent it under the name: The Ron - Terry - Ron device, or (R.T.R). They advertise it by saying, "The R.T.R is designed only for those who want to move forward in life, but never backward. It is guaranteed to get your heart pumping, your blood pressure rising, and your armpits sweating"(classy advertising by these veterans). The advertising continues: "The R.T.R. is for the person who tries to move ahead, but always ends up exactly where they started." The only problem with the R.T.R device is, to use one, you will have to ignore the Gadsden flag(i.e., the one with the coiled rattlesnake pictured on it) and its famous motto. Forrest Gump would be very proud of these veterans. Just exactly what is the Ron - Terry - Ron (R.T.R.) device, and why must the Gadsden flag motto be ignored by its users?
Answer: The three veterans have made some innovative improvements to a basic Treadmill design, and are trying to patent these improvements in the hope of selling their newly created device. Of course, these veterans realize that anyone who uses their new product will be violating the early Continental Marine message and motto of the famous Gadsden flag which states, "Don't Tread on Me". Just as Forrest Gump was encouraged to "Run - Forrest - Run", we wish success to these three veterans with the words, "Ron - Terry - Ron".
The Ron - Terry - Ron (R.T.R.) Device Riddle Meme.
The Ron - Terry - Ron (R.T.R.) Device Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: If someone were to write a biography about us, the following could be reported: #1 - Every basketball player needs a good one. #2 - we can be seen on most Christmas trees. #3 - One of us is a famous Captain. #4 - We are often delivered in square rings. #5 - We often accompany a line and a sinker. Based on the biographical information above --- Who/what are we?
Answer: We are Hooks/hook.
#3 - The Biography of ??? Riddle Meme.
#3 - The Biography of ??? Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: My brother has always been the adventurous type. Unlike me, a high ranking government official, my dear brother avoids politics whenever possible, choosing to pursue more dangerous interests. In fact, my brother has many enemies ----- enemies who have tried to kill him by gun, knife, drowning, poison dart, strangulation, and by trying to infect him with a deadly disease. His life has been threatened by a vicious killer dog, a deadly poisonous snake, and a very large rat. To top it all off, my brother is a drug addict. Even his partner, who has some medical knowledge, has been unsuccessful in freeing him from this addiction. So, with all of this information, can you state my name and the name of my brother?
Answer: My name is Mycroft Holmes, and the name of my celebrated brother is Sherlock.
I Love a Mystery Riddle Meme.
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Riddle: If someone were to write a biography about us, the following could be reported: #1 - A golfer faces many of us when playing 18 holes. #2 - we are frequently served with fish. #3 - On T. V., from 1977 to 1983, we enforced the law --- but only in California. #4 - Some of us have ridges, but we are not associated with mountain ranges. #5 - Gamblers love getting their hands on us as often as possible. Based on the biographical information above --- Who/what are we?
Answer: The biography of Chips.
#5 - The Biography of ??? Riddle Meme.
#5 - The Biography of ??? Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: One summer evening, as Irene sat on the front porch of her old Kentucky home, she witnessed about a dozen men in two large trucks pull up to an old abandoned farmhouse about a hundred yards from hers. Suspicious, she grabbed her binoculars and observed two of the men approach the old farmhouse --- and set it on fire! After ten minutes had passed, the farmhouse was completely engulfed in flames, but neither Irene nor any of her neighbors in sight of the burning building ever bothered to call 9-1-1 to report any of these events. To make matters even worse, two police cars passed the flaming house but never bothered to stop. What happened to civic duty and responsibility? Has society totally turned its back on the idea of neighbors helping neighbors; or is there an alternate explanation for these events? What exactly was happening here?
Answer: As Irene and her neighbors looked out of their respective windows, they all saw the two large trucks were actually fire engines carrying about a dozen firemen. They obviously had come with permission from the owner of the abandoned farmhouse, to perform a training exercise on fire fighting techniques (Irene and her neighbors had received notification from the fire company of this planned exercise earlier that same week). After the firemen started the building on fire, they proceeded to practice their skills in putting out the blaze. The police cars who passed the fire saw the firefighters were training, as they also had been notified of this planned fire at the start of their shift. The owner of the building got rid of his old farmhouse, and gave the fire company some needed practice, providing a win-win situation.
A Burning Issue Riddle Meme.
A Burning Issue Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: A bizarre ritual occurs, often when the weather is hot, and it has been happening for over 100 years. Two men bring two cups to a place where a large plate is located. They do not drink anything from their cups and eat nothing from the plate. Soon, a third man joins the other two, and he brings with him his cup and a wooden object. Strangely, two of the three men wear masks, despite the fact all three of them know each other. Over the next two to three hours, only one of the men remains near the large plate, while various other men continue to take their cups and wooden objects to and from their meeting place with the other two men. Just what is this strange ritual?
Answer: The two masked men are the home plate umpire and the two catchers taking turns coming to the plate. One at a time, the hitters from both sides come to the plate to hit. All the players and the umpire always wear protective cups.
A Creepy Occurrence Riddle Meme.
A Creepy Occurrence Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: Shirley grew up in a family that loved desserts ------ especially one dessert! Many arguments occurred during dessert time in Shirley's family, and on a few occasions, these disputes nearly led to blows. The person serving the dessert was usually the one accused of creating the contentious atmosphere. The accusations usually centered around the color distribution allotted to each family member. People were always o.k. with the amount of orange, white, light green, and yellow they received, but the distribution of the red was always a major point of contention. God help anyone who dared to pass out more of the red part of the dessert to any one person sitting at the table, for if they did, all hell would break loose! It's amazing to think a simple canned desert could cause such an uproar, but it did, and in certain families, still does today. What is this common dessert which caused such a commotion in Shirley's family?
Answer: Fruit cocktail. If the red cherry pieces are not evenly distributed, people sometimes get upset. The Del Monte company actually had to add a separate can to their lineup of fruit cocktails to appease their customers due to this problem. They call it Very Cherry, and it contains more cherries than their original can.
Disputed Dessert Riddle Meme.
Disputed Dessert Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: In the home where Mabel resides, she has a reputation for walking very slowly, even though she is only 40 years old. Her slowness doesn't appear to be related to arthritis or to other medical ailments, but is more likely due to heredity, as her parents both had the same condition. Mabel does not use a walker or a cane to move about, and a wheelchair would be out of the question. Mabel is an extreme introvert who basically stays in her home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Although it sounds a bit strange, you could say, even when Mabel leaves her home --- she stays at home. Although she frequently leaves the front door to her home open, she is easily frightened, causing her to immediately shut that front door when she feels threatened in any way. Mabel's caretakers frequently laugh at her and sometimes point their fingers at her as she struggles to move along. The caretakers allow Mabel only small rations of food and water each day, and they never give her a shower. Where are the abuse investigators? Where is the justice? Or are things not as bad as they appear to be for Mabel?
Answer: Mabel is a Box Turtle who is the house pet of a family with several children. She is well cared for, but instinctively closes the front door of her shell and pulls her legs in if she senses danger, which includes inquisitive children.
Mabel — A True Shut-in Riddle Meme.
Mabel — A True Shut-in Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.