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Riddle: A thief was in the process of robbing the house of a wealthy widow. As he was rifling through the dresser drawers where her jewelry box was located, he came upon a bunch of diamonds. He knew the diamonds were genuine because he had seen the same type many times before, but he left them untouched in the drawer and continued searching the room. When he heard police sirens approaching, he ran from the home empty-handed, not retrieving the diamonds. Did this thief flunk out of crook college? Why didn't he grab those diamonds when he had the chance?
Answer: The diamonds he spotted in the dresser drawer were a bunch of playing cards with the suit of 13 diamonds facing up where he could see them.
A Poor Excuse for a Crook? Riddle Meme.
A Poor Excuse for a Crook? Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: It was during a television advertisement on the reality show "Dog the Bounty Hunter" that Jean first received her calling to become an actual bounty hunter. Immediately after viewing the ad, Jean stood up, walked directly to her car, and proceeded to drive to a rather seedy location where she felt certain she would be able to secure her first bounty. Fearlessly, Jean entered the location without weapons of any kind and without handcuffs, and yet, she was able to apprehend her intended target without causing any disturbance, and without encountering any physical resistance from her prey. What gave Jean the courage and the confidence to think she could handle the duties, dangers, and responsibilities associated with the bounty hunting profession?
Answer: As Jean was watching her favorite TV show “Dog the Bounty Hunter” one evening, a commercial for Bounty paper towels appeared. Jean remembered she had just used her last roll of paper towels earlier that day and had always wanted to try the Bounty brand, so she drove to a local mini-mart and picked up a roll to try it, to see if it was truly “The Quicker - Picker - Upper”.
Jean -- Rookie Bounty Hunter Riddle Meme.
Jean -- Rookie Bounty Hunter Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: Four middle-aged people were reminiscing about their individual journeys through life. Two of them were college grads, and the other two were business people. The first was heard to say, "When I happened upon that uranium deposit, that's what started me off to a wealthy future." The second replied, "No such luck for me. I never recovered financially from that skunk-farm fiasco I inherited from my relative." The third person said, "If I hadn't taken revenge on my opponent and got all that money from him, I would probably have ended up in the poorhouse." Lastly, the fourth person responded, "Well, you two tycoons can celebrate your riches obtained in life, but that shrunken head collection I invested my money in, as well as my wasting my money on $5,000 toupees, raccoon coats, and buying a Rolls Royce which I couldn't afford, just about left me penniless." Surprisingly, these four people have one main thing in common. Can you identify what that one thing is, and can you explain how they became entangled in such bizarre events in life?
Answer: The four people had just finished playing the board game, LIFE, and were discussing some of the good and bad things they had encountered while playing.
Life Has Its Ups and Downs Riddle Meme.
Life Has Its Ups and Downs Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: There was no mention of it in any of the newspapers, but a queen recently moved to a small farm in the state of Iowa. To assist her, a group of about 20 diligent workers was assigned to help the queen with the farm work which needed to be done, as the queen was not accustomed to performing any type of menial, manual labor. It may seem a bit strange, but in her new home, there were no cows or chickens or farm animals of any kind, and the surrounding soil was very sandy, so no crops could be grown there. This really didn’t matter though, as there was no farm machinery for the workers to use anyway. At the queen’s insistence, those diligent workers spend their days digging tunnels all over the farm; but they are not seeking treasure or anything of value. These tunnels sometimes collapse on the workers, killing a few; but the queen shows little concern and these deaths are never reported to the police or to any law enforcement agency. Who does this queen think she is? She must feel she is above the law and has no respect for the lives of those who serve her! Where is the justice for these workers? Or, perhaps, the queen shouldn’t be held responsible after all. What exactly is going on here?
Answer: The queen was an ant which was purchased and added to an ant farm owned by a child in the state of Iowa. About 20 worker ants were added to the ant farm shortly thereafter.
Mean Queen Scene? Riddle Meme.
Mean Queen Scene? Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: Terry had been driving for nearly an hour when he encountered a backup of several cars which were all waiting to pass through a tunnel. He was listening to the weather report on his car's radio while awaiting his turn when he heard that a severe mixture of snow and rain accompanied by flash flooding and powerful winds were expected to strike the area within minutes. Terry dreaded this type of dangerous winter driving, so he wanted to get home quickly. As he paid the required fee to pass through the tunnel, Terry could only think about the weather report and the severe driving conditions predicted. Suddenly, a downpour of water, followed by a curtain of liquid white covered Terry's car. He did not use his windshield wipers though, and in fact, he removed both hands from the steering wheel just as another downpour of water blasted his car. A few seconds later, a second deluge of water crashed down on his car, followed by a mighty wind. At that point, Terry again grasped the steering wheel and regained control of the car. After these events, Terry was able to drive home safely. Did Terry panic during this encounter by not using his windshield wipers and removing his hands from the steering wheel, or is Terry a better driver than these events indicate?
Answer: The tunnel Terry went through was a car wash. A driver is always supposed to take his hands off the steering wheel and avoid using windshield wipers when the car is passing through the soap, water, and powerful drying wind at the end.
Stormy Weather Riddle Meme.
Stormy Weather Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: One day, as the famous magician and his assistant were rehearsing their act before a small group of newspaper reporters, the magician suddenly stopped speaking and appeared to go into a deep trance. His assistant wondered if she should call 911, as his entire body began to shake, but soon the shakiness diminished and he began to speak, relating the following vision he was seeing: "My house in the country is disappearing before my very eyes! My magical powers have grown too great, and now as punishment, the powers of darkness have engulfed my home and it is slowly vanishing ------ and has now disappeared completely." Suddenly, the magician's mystical trance ended, and he told his assistant and all of the reporters he had to leave immediately to see if any part of this bizarre vision had actually taken place. The curious reporters and his assistant all followed the magician to his home, and everyone was shocked to see the magician's residence had indeed vanished completely! The reporters immediately called in the fantastic story to their respective newspapers, as everyone stood around in absolute shock! How could this amazing disappearance possibly be explained?
Answer: The magician had not even told his assistant about this publicity stunt he had planned, to be assured of absolute secrecy. The magician loved his small, old country home, but he didn't like its location; so he paid a great deal of money to a whole-house moving company to move his beloved house to a location he liked better. Of course, the famous magician was not about to let this publicity opportunity pass, especially when he learned a group of reporters were to be present at one of his rehearsals, so he arranged to have his entire home physically moved to its new location, two days before the planned rehearsal, knowing his next performance would be a complete sell-out when the reporters released their stories of the event. I guess it's like they say when it comes to real estate: It's always about, "Location, location, location."
The Magician Returns (Again???) Riddle Meme.
The Magician Returns (Again???) Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: Two friends, from a very cold town in Minnesota, each had unusual life skills which helped them in their adventures together. The first of the friends was a tall, lanky individual who, at times, possessed almost super-human strength, had the ability to remember everything he ever ate, and could accurately forecast the weather by reading a bunion on his foot --- but he wasn't known for being very intelligent. The second of the friends, known for his higher intellect, made a lot of short, solo flights, but he never obtained his pilot's license. He usually wore a pair of aviation goggles on top of his head. Their arch enemies were two Russian-like spies who doggedly pursued them, and these spies were led by a man without fear. Can you name the two friends from this very cold Minnesota town?
Answer: Rocket J. Squirrel and Bullwinkle J. Moose, otherwise known as Rocky and Bullwinkle. The two Russian-like spies (Boris and Natasha) were lead by the infamous Fearless Leader.
Dynamic Duo Riddle Meme.
Dynamic Duo Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: If someone were to write a biography about us, the following could be reported: #1 - All athletes, to reach their peak performance, must do me. #2 - Behind a groom is a best man, but behind a bride, you will often find me. #3 - James West and Artemis Gordon used me as their Secret Service headquarters on T.V. #4 - Edward Kennedy Ellington highly suggested you take this lettered thing to get to Sugar Hill in Harlem. #5 - Characters Floyd Smoot and Charlie Pratt honorably conducted themselves on one of me in the town of Hooterville. Based on the biographical information above --- Who/what are we?
Answer: We are Trains.
#6 - The Biography of ??? Riddle Meme.
#6 - The Biography of ??? Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: A story was recently reported by a non-newspaper periodical concerning a residential invasion committed by a man and a woman. The couple was observed to be wearing blue jeans, work gloves, and straw hats as they carried out their dirty deed. These two perpetrators reportedly entered the residence (which was surrounded by a protective fence), pulled the inhabitants from their beds, and then carried them away. To protect these innocents, only the nicknames of the victims were listed in the article. The nicknames given were as follows: Bea, Tom, Gus, Elery, Cab, and Kale. No one ever called the police to report these events, even though several of the neighbors were aware of it, and the incident was never covered by any TV or radio station. In fact, when all of the neighbors learned of this occurrence, they warmly congratulated the couple who had performed this deed. How callous these neighbors must be. Have they no hearts or compassion; or is there some less sinister explanation for the events described above?
Answer: The nicknames of the victims were Bea (beans), Tom (tomatoes), Gus (asparagus), Elery (celery), Cab (cabbage), and Kale (kale). The perpetrators were a couple who were harvesting vegetables from their garden.
Job 4:8 - Grim Reapers? Riddle Meme.
Job 4:8 - Grim Reapers? Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: A rookie police officer was working his assigned beat, but to make his job a little more interesting, he decided to bring his radar gun along with him. He began testing the gun by pointing it at various moving objects to determine their speed. He noted people were moving between one and three miles per hour; however, when he pointed his radar gun away from the crowd of people there, the gun suddenly read 80 M.P.H. Again he pointed it in the same direction, and he got a speed reading of 85 M.P.H. He continued pointing the radar gun toward the same general area for the next 30 minutes and recorded speeds ranging between 60 and 95 miles per hour. Considering the fact there were numerous people milling about the area he was patrolling, why do you suppose he never once reported any of these high speeds to his department? For the safety of all of these people, shouldn't a speed trap be set up or speeding tickets issued? What exactly was going on here?
Answer: The rookie police officer was assigned to patrol a minor league baseball game. Most of his radar readings came from his pointing the gun at the various pitches the opposing pitchers were throwing during the game.
Passive Policeman? Riddle Meme.
Passive Policeman? Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.