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Riddle: It was during a television advertisement on the reality show "Dog the Bounty Hunter" that Jean first received her calling to become an actual bounty hunter. Immediately after viewing the ad, Jean stood up, walked directly to her car, and proceeded to drive to a rather seedy location where she felt certain she would be able to secure her first bounty. Fearlessly, Jean entered the location without weapons of any kind and without handcuffs, and yet, she was able to apprehend her intended target without causing any disturbance, and without encountering any physical resistance from her prey. What gave Jean the courage and the confidence to think she could handle the duties, dangers, and responsibilities associated with the bounty hunting profession?
Answer: As Jean was watching her favorite TV show “Dog the Bounty Hunter” one evening, a commercial for Bounty paper towels appeared. Jean remembered she had just used her last roll of paper towels earlier that day and had always wanted to try the Bounty brand, so she drove to a local mini-mart and picked up a roll to try it, to see if it was truly “The Quicker - Picker - Upper”.
Jean -- Rookie Bounty Hunter Riddle Meme.
Jean -- Rookie Bounty Hunter Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: Every day, some of America's finest fall into enemy traps and are captured and placed behind bars. The olive-green and greenish-brown camouflage uniforms they wear don't appear to be effective in protecting them against these enemies. Once caught, there is rarely any chance of escape for any of these prisoners. In fact, nearly all of them are executed by their captors, but never once has even one of them ever revealed any state secrets before dying. Each prisoner is systematically removed from his/her cell by an executioner wearing a white uniform and hat. This killer appears to have no conscience, as he ends the lives of many of these captives each day by scalding them to death. However, there are many Americans who want to honor these and celebrate the lives of the fallen. In fact, 44 U.S. states have erected monuments to remind us of those who have given their lives to serve us. Who are these captives, and what are these monuments which have been erected to help us remember them?
Answer: The captives are lobsters, and the monuments 44 states have erected to help us remember them are Red Lobster seafood restaurants. Just so everyone knows, lobsters only turn red after being boiled.
Thank You For Your Service Riddle Meme.
Thank You For Your Service Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: A sheriff is in hot pursuit of the notorious bank robber Black Bart. The six-shooters of the lawman and the criminal glisten in the sun, as Black Bart speeds his way on foot to the first horse he sees, and quickly mounts it. The sheriff, in hot pursuit, jumps on the back of the closest steed he can find, and continues the heated chase, but he is unable to close the gap between them. After a short time, a man and a woman, who are witnessing the chase, shout out loudly to the lawman and the criminal, "Meet you at the saloon in 30 minutes for something cold!" What is going on in this strange scenario, and who are the man and the woman who shouted out the invitation to the saloon?
Answer: The "sheriff" and "Black Bart" are two children pretending to be a lawman chasing an outlaw, and are riding horses on a merry-go-round at an amusement park or a western tourist town. The man and the woman are their parents who are inviting them to the "saloon" for some cold drinks or ice cream.
STOP!!!  In the Name of the Law! Riddle Meme.
STOP!!! In the Name of the Law! Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: A man is standing inside a large, brown circle. Just behind him is a smaller, white rectangle. In full view of many men, women, and even children, the man in the circle openly displays in his hand a small bag full of a white, powdery substance. Immediately, the man spots another man wearing a mask, signaling to him that he wants something the man in the circle has in his possession. The man in the brown circle, who is now standing on only one leg, proceeds to deliver a very small amount of the white powder to the masked man along with a round object. Numerous plainclothes police witness this open exchange, but neither man is arrested for the possession or the trafficking of the white powder. What is wrong with our society today!?! Ignoring crime is never the answer, as it only emboldens the criminals around us; or is the scenario described above more innocent than it appears? Just what is happening here?
Answer: The man in the brown circle is a baseball pitcher who is holding a white rosin bag used to help dry his hand before pitching. The pitcher then sees his catcher (the masked man) giving him the signal for which pitch he is to throw, and the pitcher then delivers the baseball which has a small amount of resin still on it.
It Happens Every Spring Riddle Meme.
It Happens Every Spring Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: Lucille had recently received her real estate license and was out evaluating a bunch of properties in a certain neighborhood. As she traveled around the area, she saw some properties which were very expensive, and others that were more affordable. The area was sprinkled with a mixture of little greenhouses, a couple of hotels, a few businesses, and she noticed there was also some access to railway travel. Some of these properties were for sale but others were not. The bizarre thing is, Lucille ended up in jail three separate times that day and had to be bailed out on each occasion! She received no traffic citations and swears she did absolutely nothing wrong, and yet, she was incarcerated three times that day. What do you suppose happened that caused her to be locked up in jail three times in one day?
Answer: Lucille had indeed recently received her real estate license, however, that really had little to do with the fact she was playing a game of Monopoly with some friends; and unfortunately for her, landed in jail three times during the game, and had to bail herself out so she could continue playing.
Repeat Offender Riddle Meme.
Repeat Offender Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: Terry had been driving for nearly an hour when he encountered a backup of several cars which were all waiting to pass through a tunnel. He was listening to the weather report on his car's radio while awaiting his turn when he heard that a severe mixture of snow and rain accompanied by flash flooding and powerful winds were expected to strike the area within minutes. Terry dreaded this type of dangerous winter driving, so he wanted to get home quickly. As he paid the required fee to pass through the tunnel, Terry could only think about the weather report and the severe driving conditions predicted. Suddenly, a downpour of water, followed by a curtain of liquid white covered Terry's car. He did not use his windshield wipers though, and in fact, he removed both hands from the steering wheel just as another downpour of water blasted his car. A few seconds later, a second deluge of water crashed down on his car, followed by a mighty wind. At that point, Terry again grasped the steering wheel and regained control of the car. After these events, Terry was able to drive home safely. Did Terry panic during this encounter by not using his windshield wipers and removing his hands from the steering wheel, or is Terry a better driver than these events indicate?
Answer: The tunnel Terry went through was a car wash. A driver is always supposed to take his hands off the steering wheel and avoid using windshield wipers when the car is passing through the soap, water, and powerful drying wind at the end.
Stormy Weather Riddle Meme.
Stormy Weather Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: A thief was in the process of robbing the house of a wealthy widow. As he was rifling through the dresser drawers where her jewelry box was located, he came upon a bunch of diamonds. He knew the diamonds were genuine because he had seen the same type many times before, but he left them untouched in the drawer and continued searching the room. When he heard police sirens approaching, he ran from the home empty-handed, not retrieving the diamonds. Did this thief flunk out of crook college? Why didn't he grab those diamonds when he had the chance?
Answer: The diamonds he spotted in the dresser drawer were a bunch of playing cards with the suit of 13 diamonds facing up where he could see them.
A Poor Excuse for a Crook? Riddle Meme.
A Poor Excuse for a Crook? Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: One day, as the famous magician and his assistant were rehearsing their act before a small group of newspaper reporters, the magician suddenly stopped speaking and appeared to go into a deep trance. His assistant wondered if she should call 911, as his entire body began to shake, but soon the shakiness diminished and he began to speak, relating the following vision he was seeing: "My house in the country is disappearing before my very eyes! My magical powers have grown too great, and now as punishment, the powers of darkness have engulfed my home and it is slowly vanishing ------ and has now disappeared completely." Suddenly, the magician's mystical trance ended, and he told his assistant and all of the reporters he had to leave immediately to see if any part of this bizarre vision had actually taken place. The curious reporters and his assistant all followed the magician to his home, and everyone was shocked to see the magician's residence had indeed vanished completely! The reporters immediately called in the fantastic story to their respective newspapers, as everyone stood around in absolute shock! How could this amazing disappearance possibly be explained?
Answer: The magician had not even told his assistant about this publicity stunt he had planned, to be assured of absolute secrecy. The magician loved his small, old country home, but he didn't like its location; so he paid a great deal of money to a whole-house moving company to move his beloved house to a location he liked better. Of course, the famous magician was not about to let this publicity opportunity pass, especially when he learned a group of reporters were to be present at one of his rehearsals, so he arranged to have his entire home physically moved to its new location, two days before the planned rehearsal, knowing his next performance would be a complete sell-out when the reporters released their stories of the event. I guess it's like they say when it comes to real estate: It's always about, "Location, location, location."
The Magician Returns (Again???) Riddle Meme.
The Magician Returns (Again???) Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: Two friends, from a very cold town in Minnesota, each had unusual life skills which helped them in their adventures together. The first of the friends was a tall, lanky individual who, at times, possessed almost super-human strength, had the ability to remember everything he ever ate, and could accurately forecast the weather by reading a bunion on his foot --- but he wasn't known for being very intelligent. The second of the friends, known for his higher intellect, made a lot of short, solo flights, but he never obtained his pilot's license. He usually wore a pair of aviation goggles on top of his head. Their arch enemies were two Russian-like spies who doggedly pursued them, and these spies were led by a man without fear. Can you name the two friends from this very cold Minnesota town?
Answer: Rocket J. Squirrel and Bullwinkle J. Moose, otherwise known as Rocky and Bullwinkle. The two Russian-like spies (Boris and Natasha) were lead by the infamous Fearless Leader.
Dynamic Duo Riddle Meme.
Dynamic Duo Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: A story was recently reported by a non-newspaper periodical concerning a residential invasion committed by a man and a woman. The couple was observed to be wearing blue jeans, work gloves, and straw hats as they carried out their dirty deed. These two perpetrators reportedly entered the residence (which was surrounded by a protective fence), pulled the inhabitants from their beds, and then carried them away. To protect these innocents, only the nicknames of the victims were listed in the article. The nicknames given were as follows: Bea, Tom, Gus, Elery, Cab, and Kale. No one ever called the police to report these events, even though several of the neighbors were aware of it, and the incident was never covered by any TV or radio station. In fact, when all of the neighbors learned of this occurrence, they warmly congratulated the couple who had performed this deed. How callous these neighbors must be. Have they no hearts or compassion; or is there some less sinister explanation for the events described above?
Answer: The nicknames of the victims were Bea (beans), Tom (tomatoes), Gus (asparagus), Elery (celery), Cab (cabbage), and Kale (kale). The perpetrators were a couple who were harvesting vegetables from their garden.
Job 4:8 - Grim Reapers? Riddle Meme.
Job 4:8 - Grim Reapers? Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.