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Riddle: Jane owns and works at a small business. She has many busy days, but she often finds herself with far too much time on her hands. She sometimes grows tired of all the same worn faces that come through her door, and she often has to hold the hands of many of those which have come to her place of business. Jane doesn't get outside much; however, she often encounters ticks while working, but she has never been bitten by one. While working on her job, Jane often thinks about her grandmother and grandfather, both of which reside with Jane in her home. What is Jane's occupation, and what type of small business does she own?
Answer: Jane is a clock repairer who owns her own clock-repair shop. By the way, Jane has two beautiful grandmother and grandfather clocks in her home which keep excellent time, thanks to Jane.
#3 - Mystery Occupation Riddle Meme.
#3 - Mystery Occupation Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: I'm afraid my grandmother may be getting a bit senile. The other day she told me she was planning a special Easter party for about 25 of her friends, and she asked me to go to the store for her, to pick up the following items on this list she gave me: 25 green apples, 25 peaches, 25 mangos, 25 juicy pears, 25 plums, 25 lemons, 25 coconuts, 25 cantaloupes, 25 watermelons, 25 A&W cream sodas, 25 strawberry cheesecakes, 25 pieces of bubblegum, 1 bag of crushed pineapple, 1 bag of blueberries, 1 bag of cotton candy, 1 bag of wild blackberries, 1 bag of buttered popcorn, and 1 bag of sour cherries. Well, what do you think? Is my grandmother’s trolly car starting to leave its track, or are her mental faculties still in good working order? Just what is her plan for this party?
Answer: Grandma is planning an Easter jelly-bean-eating party for her 25 friends. She plans to give one of each of the gourmet jelly beans listed to each of her friends to see which flavors her friends like the best.
A Strange Party Planner Riddle Meme.
A Strange Party Planner Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: The following is one of those boy-gets-girl, boy-loses-girl, boy-gets-girl romantic stories. This famous couple first met back in 1961 while doing a TV commercial together. The pair instantly became boyfriend and girlfriend and continued dating until Valentine's Day of 2004, when the girl finally broke off the relationship. Rumor had it at the time that the girl (now a grown woman) wanted to get married, but the boy (now a grown man) was afraid of commitment, even after dating the woman for 43 years. However, the man had some plastic surgery done two years later (reportedly to impress the woman), and the couple got back together in 2011. It is incredible to imagine, but since this duo first got together, the man has had 40 different occupations, while the woman has had at least 200 separate careers -- even running for President of the United States at one point! Who are these two lovebirds who have had such a lengthy and interesting relationship?
Answer: Barbie and Ken.
An Incredible Love Affair Riddle Meme.
An Incredible Love Affair Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: In the 1950s, two young men, surrounded by a crowd of onlookers, stood on a round piece of wood preparing to do battle. Neither man carried any weapons of any kind, as they were both planning to use their feet to defeat their opponent. Sharp spikes on the bottoms of their boots turned their feet into the tools they would use to dispatch their adversary. One kick to the body or head could cause irreparable damage; but neither man ever struck the other with their spiked boots. In fact, not one physical blow was landed during the contest, and yet, one man was eliminated and sent to a watery grave. I thought these types of barbaric spectacles designed to satisfy the visual lusts of onlooking crowds had stopped after the gladiatorial days of ancient Rome. On the other hand, perhaps this scenario is not as violent as it appears to be. Exactly what was going on here?
Answer: The two combatants were engaged in a log rolling contest during a lumberjack competition. The spiked boots aided them in keeping their footing on the slippery logs.
Warriors of the Foot Clan? Riddle Meme.
Warriors of the Foot Clan? Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: A young girl is standing on a small hill facing a man and two young boys. The man and one of the two boys are wearing headgear made of leather and metal, and the other young boy is wearing a hard, plastic hat. The man has no special feelings toward the girl on the hill, but the young boy in the special headgear is her close friend. However, the other boy in the plastic hat is the sworn enemy of the girl. As the man and the two boys stare intently at the girl on the hill, she suddenly throws a hard, round object toward the group of three males, striking the boy wearing the plastic hat in the head, knocking his hat off, and sending him sprawling to the ground. The man, after witnessing these events, issues a three-word command to the boy who was struck, and this causes the boy to run away from home. What was the three-word command the man gave to the boy, and why did it cause the boy to run away from home?
Answer: The young girl was the pitcher in a little league game. Her close friend (the young male catcher) called for a fastball, but the girl’s pitch was wild, and it knocked down the young boy who was wearing a protective batting helmet. The adult male umpire subsequently told the batter the appropriate three words, “Take Your Base.” The batter then ran away from home and went to first base.
Hit and Run Incident Riddle Meme.
Hit and Run Incident Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: Terry had just returned to Chicago via. American Airlines at 12 midnight. He was extremely tired after having just completed a seven-day bridge tournament in California. After retrieving his single piece of luggage, he immediately hailed a taxi to take him to the nearest Red Roof Inn ------ Terry's favorite hotel. As he instructed the cabbie concerning his desired destination, he could plainly see the Spanish-speaking driver had no idea what was being said to him. Luckily, Terry remembered some of his high school Spanish, so he simply told the driver, "Tejado Rojo," which means "Red Roof" in Spanish. The cabbie immediately nodded to show his understanding, and he began driving to the requested destination. Upon arrival, Terry, who was barely awake by this time, paid the driver and entered the front door of the establishment. When he asked the receptionist for a room, the response he received was, "Are you on drugs? There is no place to sleep here!" Where do you suppose the cab driver had taken Terry?
Answer: The closest Pizza Hut. Almost, if not all of them have red roofs.
A Little Knowledge... Riddle Meme.
A Little Knowledge... Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: Every day, some of America's finest fall into enemy traps and are captured and placed behind bars. The olive-green and greenish-brown camouflage uniforms they wear don't appear to be effective in protecting them against these enemies. Once caught, there is rarely any chance of escape for any of these prisoners. In fact, nearly all of them are executed by their captors, but never once has even one of them ever revealed any state secrets before dying. Each prisoner is systematically removed from his/her cell by an executioner wearing a white uniform and hat. This killer appears to have no conscience, as he ends the lives of many of these captives each day by scalding them to death. However, there are many Americans who want to honor these and celebrate the lives of the fallen. In fact, 44 U.S. states have erected monuments to remind us of those who have given their lives to serve us. Who are these captives, and what are these monuments which have been erected to help us remember them?
Answer: The captives are lobsters, and the monuments 44 states have erected to help us remember them are Red Lobster seafood restaurants. Just so everyone knows, lobsters only turn red after being boiled.
Thank You For Your Service Riddle Meme.
Thank You For Your Service Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: A history teacher was speaking to his 10th-grade class one day when he presented them with this unusual riddle: “Mark Twain and Santa Claus were both familiar with me. Each one of us has an icy body and two tails, but we are not associated with Sonic the Hedgehog. We are never outguessed, but we are often outgassed. Many people today put me to work in their homes, but I never receive any payment for my service, despite the fact I was born in America. Lastly, I am considered to be the big sister of a famous falcon, but my life span was short --from1960 to 1977.” “Teacher,” said the brightest student in the class,” are you trying to confuse us by talking about five different things that have the same name?” “Maybe I am,” said the teacher. “Maybe I am.”What was the solution to his bizarre-sounding riddle?
Answer: The teacher was referring to Halley’s Comet; one of Santa’s reindeer (Comet); a comet in outer space; the scouring powder known as Comet; and the car that came after the Ford Falcon known as the Mercury Comet.
The Teacher’s Riddle Riddle Meme.
The Teacher’s Riddle Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: Ron and Terry are both dressed in camouflage clothing and are completely surrounded by dead bodies. As veterans of the Army, they are both on a mission to locate some of their comrades. Neither Terry nor Ron are carrying any weapons, but they have no fear of being harmed. They look about the terrain which surrounds them, but all they see are grass and large and small stones. Terry jumps up on one of the large stones to get a better view of their surroundings, but Ron suggests to Terry that his standing on the big stone might be viewed as disrespectful, and Terry jumps down. "I counted 27 flags while I was up there," says Terry to Ron, "so let's go check them out." In what activity are Ron and Terry engaged?
Answer: Ron and Terry are veterans who are looking for the grave sites of some of the soldiers they served with in the Army. The large and small stones are tombstones, and the American flags mark the graves of the veterans who are buried in that cemetery.
A Mission of Honor Riddle Meme.
A Mission of Honor Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: After retiring from military service in the Army, friends Terry and Ron decided to pool their money and purchase the supplies needed to build their very own sailing ship. Together, they used the skills taught to them during their service in the Army Corps of Engineers, and after just a few months, their beautiful craft was complete. The strange thing is, that Ron and Terry became very protective of their newly-built ship. Never once did the two friends ever invite anyone to go sailing on the vessel. No one was allowed to put even one foot on the deck of the boat they had built together. They even restricted themselves from sailing on it!!! Finally, they decided to cover the entire ship with a clear covering, hoping to discourage anyone from even touching the vessel. Why do you suppose Terry and Ron became so overprotective of their new sailing ship?
Answer: Ron and Terry's project was a ship in a bottle.
Veteran's Vessel Riddle Meme.
Veteran's Vessel Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.