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Riddle: A husband and wife are seated facing each other with a barrier between them. Each one takes turns communicating with the other, each speaking only two words at a time. After each two-word message is conveyed, the other person answers with a one-word response. This goes on for some time, until at last, either the husband or his wife suddenly shouts out a four-word phrase which ends this scenario; however, this often causes either the husband or the wife to become angry or frustrated with the person who shouted the four-word phrase. What is going on here?
Answer: The husband and wife are playing the old game of BATTLESHIP. The two-word communications consist of a letter and a number for the coordinates of where the ships are hidden, and the one-word responses are either, "Hit" or "Miss". The final four word phrase which ends the game is, "You Sank My Battleship!"
The Games Some People Play Riddle Meme.
The Games Some People Play Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: Uncle John, as he likes to be called, can't do the Twist like Chubby Checker did in the 1960s, but he loves to twist just the same. To be open and honest with you all, Uncle John earns his living through twisted ways. He especially enjoys exhibiting his twisted talents in front of young children. To gain their attention, he frequently gives gifts to these little boys and girls --- gifts including bicycles, flowers, and even small animals. He is often out of breath after exhibiting his twisted lifestyle to others. You might think the parents of these children would be repulsed by Uncle John, but instead, they often simply stand by, sometimes even applauding and encouraging this man!!! How can adults be so calloused as to allow this man to gain this type of control over their own children? What exactly is going on here?
Answer: Uncle John is a balloon twister who makes a living performing at children’s birthday parties. He can make almost anything out of balloons which he gives to the children; including bicycles, flowers, and small balloon animals. It’s also the reason he is often out of breath during his performances, as he has to blow up each balloon before he can twist them into the shape he wants.
Living By Twisted Means Riddle Meme.
Living By Twisted Means Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: The Mills family had traveled to their vacation cabin which was next to a large, beautiful lake in the mountains. Mr. and Mrs. Mills and their three children, Brock (age 6), Cindy (age 7), and Susan (age 8) had come to the lake to relax for the weekend. They were all looking forward to taking a long, relaxing swim in the lake, and to try out the brand new boat Mr. Mills had just purchased for some family fun. As they were swimming near the middle of the lake, it dawned on Mr. Mills that their son Brock was not in the water with them. Suddenly, with no warning, the family heard motor sounds and saw their newly-purchased boat speeding directly toward them, accompanied by the maniacal laughter of their missing child, Brock. Again and again, Brock drove the boat directly at his vulnerable family, laughing insanely each time it passed near them. "I told Brock not to go near that boat unless I was with him," shouted Mr. Mills, "and now he's trying to kill us with it!" However, Mrs. Mills nonchalantly responded, "Oh, boys will be boys." Considering the circumstances, why was Mrs. Mills so cavalier concerning her son's disobedient and reckless behavior, and why did she seem unconcerned about her six-year-old driving a boat without supervision?
Answer: Mr. Mills had bought the family a new remote controlled boat, but bad boy Brock decided to ignore his father’s instructions, and sent the two-foot long boat on its maiden voyage as a mischievous prank on his family. I don’t envy Brock when his father reaches shore.
Brock Goes Berserk!!! Riddle Meme.
Brock Goes Berserk!!! Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: "May Day! May Day! May Day! May Day!" shouted an angry wife to her cringing husband. "This is my official warning for you to remove that dead plant from this house before the stroke of midnight tonight!" "But it holds a lot of sweet memories from last year for me," responded her husband. His wife fired back with, "Today is the first of May, and you should have removed your precious plant from the premises months ago. Besides, it is both dead and brown and is now as sharp as a cactus, and to top it off, it has become a genuine fire hazard." Her husband sheepishly answered her by saying,” Well, I was hoping to set a Guinness world record for the family; but if I must dispose of it, the least you can do is help me remove all the shiny stuff from it first. What kind of a plant do you suppose this was which could create such a strange-sounding argument between this husband and wife?
Answer: The husband was having trouble parting with his beloved Christmas tree which was still standing in all of its tinseled glory in their living room, since it was erected in December of the previous year.
Going for a Guinness Riddle Meme.
Going for a Guinness Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: Little William Dilly, a five-year-old kindergarten student, approached his mother after school one day and related the following story: "Today in school I saw a man eating lion! Then I saw a man eating tiger! Then I saw a man eating panther!" "That’s nice," his mother replied, only half listening to him. William continued; "And then I saw a man eating camel and a man eating zebra, and a man eating sheep!" This caught his mother’s attention. "Did your class go to the zoo today? I sent no permission slip; or is your wild imagination exposing itself again --- because there are no camels, zebras, or sheep that eat people," his mother replied. "Honest, mom! I really did see everything I just told you!" Indeed, young William had seen everything he had reported to his mother. How could it be possible for William to have actually seen all he claimed to see?
Answer: Little William’s kindergarten teacher was a man who enjoyed having fun with his students. At lunchtime that day, he took out a box of animal crackers, and holding up one animal at a time he would announce to the class, “You are now seeing a man eating lion, or a man eating sheep,” etc., and then proceed to eat each cracker, much to the children’s amusement. Little William was just reporting what he had seen his teacher doing and saying that day.
Man Eaters? Riddle Meme.
Man Eaters? Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: On a certain planet located in one of the outer spiral arms of the Milky Way Galaxy, three life forms are seeking to capture other life forms and incarcerate them in glass prisons. The authorities on this planet have allowed such imprisonments for hundreds of years, despite the fact many of the captured life forms often die within 24 hours of their confinement, either by being accidentally crushed to death or by suffocation, as some of the prison cells do not have proper ventilation to supply needed oxygen to the prisoners. On this planet, hunting for these living creatures takes place after dark. The three hunters mentioned above do not follow any tracks to find their quarry, but instead, rely on these creatures to expose themselves, which they do by emitting short bursts of light. If it wasn't for the Prime Directive, I'm certain Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, or the Federation of Planets would have put an end to this barbaric practice of hunting and imprisoning these life forms long ago. By the way, what form of life were the three hoping to capture?
Answer: The three youngsters were hunting lightning bugs.
Hunt Trek Riddle Meme.
Hunt Trek Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: Joan is both a collector and a trader. She has spent most of her adult life collecting and trading tiny, green keys. Joan, along with millions of Americans living today, love to see how many of these little keys they can gather; but they also like to trade them away for a wide variety of items including food, toys, furniture, services, boats, and even houses. Some people have even committed murder to possess these keys! Joan usually carries a supply of these little, green keys with her in her purse in case of emergency. Joan feels certain these keys will never rust, but she always tries to keep them as dry as possible. What exactly are these little green keys, and why do people seek them with such passion?
Answer: On the front side of each bill of paper money, a green seal is seen. Near the bottom of the green seal, a tiny green key is always found. Thus, whenever people spend, receive, or steal money, they are also exchanging these little green keys. Take some time to study your money more closely, and you will find a small weighing scale pictured in the same green seal just above the little green key. There are other interesting things to find on your money. A magnifying glass may be helpful in this endeavor.
A Key Factor Riddle Meme.
A Key Factor Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: A carpenter built a new house on some property he owned. When he went to inspect his new house, he observed a large animal had taken up residence in the new house. However, the carpenter was not surprised by this. He made no attempt to chase the large animal from the house, nor did he call animal control to have the animal removed. In fact, he provided food and water to the animal on an ongoing basis at his own expense. Why wasn't the carpenter upset about the animal living in his newly built house?
Answer: The new house the carpenter had just built was a dog house. He built it for the new dog he had just purchased ----- a massive Saint Bernard.
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Riddle: Every year, sometimes during winter and sometimes in the springtime, an elderly woman takes 12 pieces of food, each in its own separate colorful container, and strategically places them outside in her front and back yards. The woman then challenges select relatives to go retrieve the 12 pieces of food for her, so she can put them back into her refrigerator to be eaten later. When these select relatives ask her how the 12 pieces of food ended up outside in her yards, the elderly woman totally denies having put them there. Instead, ----- she blames an animal for the entire affair! Is this woman slip-sliding away mentally, or is there some method to her madness ----- and what animal does she blame?
Answer: The elderly woman has many grandchildren who she invites to her house each year to her annual Easter egg hunt! She challenges them to find the 12 colorful eggs the Easter Bunny has hidden for them.
Slip-Sliding Away? Riddle Meme.
Slip-Sliding Away? Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: Dorothy has never expressed suicidal thoughts, but whenever she experiences feelings of sadness or depression, she makes arrangements to travel to a very high spot that she has visited on numerous occasions. Once there, she proceeds to jump from that great height. The fascinating fact though is she has never been injured from this leap, and in fact, she tells everyone that she feels much better afterward. If she’s not suicidal, then what is going on here, and why has she never been injured, or even worse, died from her risky actions?
Answer: There are several possible solutions to this brain teaser. Either Dorothy is a parachutist, or a ski jumper, or a hang glider enthusiast. There may be other possible solutions.
Daredevil Dorothy Riddle Meme.
Daredevil Dorothy Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.