A man took a walk in the park. While on his walk, he came across a stray dog who began growling at him and nipped at his heels. The man pulled a crooked stick from his knapsack, told the dog to, "Fetch!", and then threw the stick. The dog made a mad dash for the stick, then suddenly made a u-turn and ran back to the man ----- without the stick. The man laughed loudly. He then said to the dog, "Let's try this again." Throwing the same stick, the man again yelled, "Fetch!", and the dog took off as before, suddenly made a u-turn, and ran back to the man ----- again without having obtained the stick. The man laughed louder. This same series of events happened over, and over, and over again until the dog finally ----- bit the man on the leg. What was going on here that so infuriated the dog to cause him to bite the man?


The man had tormented the dog in the park in the past by telling the dog to fetch the crooked stick (wooden boomerang) he carried with him in his knapsack. The dog could never catch the boomerang, which always returned to the man after he threw it, thus frustrating the dog who only wanted to play. What goes around comes around, as they say, with boomerangs and in life.

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