Uncle John, as he likes to be called, can't do the Twist like Chubby Checker did in the 1960s, but he loves to twist just the same. To be open and honest with you all, Uncle John earns his living through twisted ways. He especially enjoys exhibiting his twisted talents in front of young children. To gain their attention, he frequently gives gifts to these little boys and girls --- gifts including bicycles, flowers, and even small animals. He is often out of breath after exhibiting his twisted lifestyle to others. You might think the parents of these children would be repulsed by Uncle John, but instead, they often simply stand by, sometimes even applauding and encouraging this man!!! How can adults be so calloused as to allow this man to gain this type of control over their own children? What exactly is going on here?


Uncle John is a balloon twister who makes a living performing at children’s birthday parties. He can make almost anything out of balloons which he gives to the children; including bicycles, flowers, and small balloon animals. It’s also the reason he is often out of breath during his performances, as he has to blow up each balloon before he can twist them into the shape he wants.

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