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Riddle: Marge and Terry are both looking intently at a 4-inch X 4-inch musical symbol, but neither of them is thinking about music. Marge initiates their activity by placing a letter of the alphabet into the upper left quadrant of the symbol. Terry counters by putting a different letter of the alphabet into the lower-right section of the figure. Marge retaliates by inscribing the same letter she used the first time, into the lower-left section of the musical emblem. Terry responds by placing the same letter he just used, into the middle-left area of the image. Marge begins to smile brightly and places the same letter she has been using into the upper-right quadrant of the figure. Terry then grimaces and writes the exact same letter he has been using, placing it in the center of the symbol. Marge then gives a gleeful laugh and puts her same letter into the top-middle of the emblem. She then draws a line and shouts out three words to Terry, which make him feel a bit sad and disappointed. What are the three words Marge shouts at Terry, and exactly what has been going on here?
Answer: Marge and Terry have been playing the game of “Tic-Tac-Toe”, and these are the three words she shouts at him after beating him. The musical symbol called a Sharp, looks just like a Tic-Tac-Toe grid.
Famous Last Words Riddle Meme.
Famous Last Words Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: Dorothy has never expressed suicidal thoughts, but whenever she experiences feelings of sadness or depression, she makes arrangements to travel to a very high spot that she has visited on numerous occasions. Once there, she proceeds to jump from that great height. The fascinating fact though is she has never been injured from this leap, and in fact, she tells everyone that she feels much better afterward. If she’s not suicidal, then what is going on here, and why has she never been injured, or even worse, died from her risky actions?
Answer: There are several possible solutions to this brain teaser. Either Dorothy is a parachutist, or a ski jumper, or a hang glider enthusiast. There may be other possible solutions.
Daredevil Dorothy Riddle Meme.
Daredevil Dorothy Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: Marge and Lucille were best of friends, but both of them were highly competitive. One day they entered a grueling 50-mile bicycle race along with a large group of other contestants. Lucille was the more experienced of the two riders, but throughout the race, Marge was always out in front of her. Not once did she allow Lucille to pass her, but Lucille's fiery, competitive spirit would not be quenched, as she never let Marge out of her sight for even one instant. Even after 50 long miles, Marge and Lucille were only separated by a couple of feet, with Marge finally passing the finish line less than one second ahead of Lucille. Neither racer won, but they both finished in the top ten of all the competitors. After the race, Lucille was asked about her competing with her friend Marge. All Lucille would say was, "I couldn't have passed her, even if I had wanted to. In fact, it was impossible." What led Lucille to make such a bizarre statement?"
Answer: Marge and Lucille had been participating in a tandem bicycle race (bicycles built for two people).
Speed Racers Riddle Meme.
Speed Racers Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: A group of about 50 people are anxiously watching a very animated gentleman who stands before them. The man speaks loudly and very rapidly to the group. He is standing behind an elevated table, and waves a wooden object while frequently repeating himself. The man continues to spew forth his manic repetitions while frequently pointing at individual members of the audience, until finally, he shouts out one word, while pointing directly at a specific member of the group --- sometimes even describing their appearance or the clothes they are wearing. After shouting the word, the man instantly becomes less agitated --- but soon, his manic mood returns to sweep over him. Is this man presently experiencing symptoms of manic-depressive illness with symptoms of rapid, pressured speech, or is there some less extreme reason for his behavior? If so, what exactly is going on here, and what is the one word he shouts which calms him?
Answer: The man is an auctioneer trying to get the highest bid for the objects he is selling. The wooden object he waves about is his auctioneer’s hammer. The one word he shouts which calms him for a short time is, “Sold!”
Time to Take a Chill Pill? Riddle Meme.
Time to Take a Chill Pill? Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: A businesswoman named Coraline was at her place of work when a young man entered. "You look like a Clark to me," said Coraline in greeting him. The man responded, "You are exactly right," and he exchanged something with her and then left. A second man entered and said, "I'm really hungry, and am looking for the nearest fast-food place." "I suggest you take 5th Avenue," answered Coraline. He then exchanged something with her and left. A rather heavy-set woman then came through the door and Coraline said, "You are definitely a chunky person!" Seemingly unaffected by the comment, the woman said, "I certainly have to agree with you," and she then exchanged something with Coraline and then departed. A policewoman then entered and said in a serious voice, "I received a tip that one of the Peanuts gang was hiding in here, and I came to take her in. "She is here," replied Coraline, and she turned her over to the officer in exchange for something. Finally, a shady-looking character came slinking in, carrying a black briefcase. "Why are you here?" asked Coraline. "It's not payday again, is it?" "You got it, Sweetie!" he replied, and he exchanged something with her and then left. What in the world was going on here, and what kind of business was Coraline operating?
Answer: Coraline was the owner and operator of a candy shop. Most of her customers were repeat customers, and she was very familiar with their specific requests before they ever stated them. In order of their entry into her store, she offered them: A Clark bar, a 5th Avenue candy bar, a Chunky square, a Peppermint Patty, and a Payday bar. Each customer simply paid for their selection and left with their favorite candy.
Coraline the Businesswoman Riddle Meme.
Coraline the Businesswoman Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: Clayton grew up in a very large, very poor family. With a dozen children(six boys and six girls) to care for, his parents had a hard time providing food and clothing for everyone. Also, as hot water had to first be boiled on the stove to mix with cold water for baths, Clayton and his siblings were lucky to be able to take a bath even one time a month. As he grew older, Clayton was able to obtain a good-paying job, and could afford to move into better housing where he had enough food and clean clothing for himself; but his habit of rarely taking a bath stuck with him. In fact, Clayton now only takes a bath once every two years or so, but no one at his office job(where he has to wear a suit and tie) has ever complained of his having any body odor, or made any negative references concerning his personal hygiene. They say old habits die hard, but this one grew by leaps and bounds!! Refusing to take even a sponge bath, how does Clayton manage to keep his job without offending any of his co-workers?
Answer: Clayton takes a shower every day.
Scents and Sensibility Riddle Meme.
Scents and Sensibility Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: Every year, sometimes during winter and sometimes in the springtime, an elderly woman takes 12 pieces of food, each in its own separate colorful container, and strategically places them outside in her front and back yards. The woman then challenges select relatives to go retrieve the 12 pieces of food for her, so she can put them back into her refrigerator to be eaten later. When these select relatives ask her how the 12 pieces of food ended up outside in her yards, the elderly woman totally denies having put them there. Instead, ----- she blames an animal for the entire affair! Is this woman slip-sliding away mentally, or is there some method to her madness ----- and what animal does she blame?
Answer: The elderly woman has many grandchildren who she invites to her house each year to her annual Easter egg hunt! She challenges them to find the 12 colorful eggs the Easter Bunny has hidden for them.
Slip-Sliding Away? Riddle Meme.
Slip-Sliding Away? Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: The following is one of those boy-gets-girl, boy-loses-girl, boy-gets-girl romantic stories. This famous couple first met back in 1961 while doing a TV commercial together. The pair instantly became boyfriend and girlfriend and continued dating until Valentine's Day of 2004, when the girl finally broke off the relationship. Rumor had it at the time that the girl (now a grown woman) wanted to get married, but the boy (now a grown man) was afraid of commitment, even after dating the woman for 43 years. However, the man had some plastic surgery done two years later (reportedly to impress the woman), and the couple got back together in 2011. It is incredible to imagine, but since this duo first got together, the man has had 40 different occupations, while the woman has had at least 200 separate careers -- even running for President of the United States at one point! Who are these two lovebirds who have had such a lengthy and interesting relationship?
Answer: Barbie and Ken.
An Incredible Love Affair Riddle Meme.
An Incredible Love Affair Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: Dorothy and Irene are now model citizens, but in their younger days, when they were in elementary school, they were known as "The Two Lightning Bolts". It was the last day of fourth grade for these two classmates back in 1929, and the two had concocted an evil plot to get back at their fourth-grade teacher, who they did not like. At one point, when the teacher turned his back on them to face the blackboard, Dorothy and Irene each carefully removed loaded guns from their lunch boxes, aimed them at the teacher, and pulled the triggers. Fortunately, they were both poor shots, but they did manage to graze their teacher on his back and head with a few of their repeated shots. As the teacher tried to escape the classroom, he slipped and fell twice on Dorothy and Irene’s loose ammunition, but he managed to make it to the school office to report the shooting attack. However, "The Two Lightning Bolts" received only a two-week suspension, starting at the beginning of the following school year for their premeditated attack on the teacher. I always heard discipline was better and stronger in the past, but these two tried to shoot their teacher with loaded guns, and got off with only a two-week suspension! How can this travesty ok of justice possibly be explained?
Answer: Dorothy and Irene did indeed shoot their teacher while in fourth grade, but the attack was made with their squirt guns. The teacher slipped on the water which had missed him, and he subsequently slipped and fell on the floor during his attempted escape. The school went lightly on the two, because they knew the parents had additional punishments for “The Two Lightning Bolts”.
The Two Lightning Bolts Riddle Meme.
The Two Lightning Bolts Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.
Riddle: A young, meek woman travels to a foreign land, but accidentally kills an older woman when she arrives there. The young woman is very surprised to hear only cheers and praise from the large group of witnesses to the older woman's death ------ in fact, the entire group honors and thanks her for the killing. But the story doesn't end there, as the young woman later teams up with three males who agree to assist her in attempting to murder the sister of the dead woman. Evidently, having developed a taste for blood, the young woman, with the help of her gang of three males, manages to murder the second sister, much to the delight of an oddly-dressed battalion of soldiers. This young woman is never tried for either of the killings and eventually, she returns home. What kind of warped justice is this? Two killings ------ one a definite murder, and not even an indictment? What in the world is going on here?
Answer: Your questions will all be answered by watching the classic movie, "The Wizard of Oz".
Evidently, Crime Does Pay Riddle Meme.
Evidently, Crime Does Pay Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.