An elderly, bearded man drives slowly around many different neighborhoods looking for young children. He often plays a little musical tune from his vehicle to draw these children in close to him. When the children approach, he speaks very sweetly to them, and usually will offer them sweet treats in exchange for something they carry with them. These treats are always wrapped, so no one can see what’s inside. When he is done talking 1:1 with each child, he tells them he will be back very soon to visit them, and then he drives slowly off, hunting for more children. Has no one noticed this man creeping along in their neighborhood? Have the police not been alerted to check on this man’s activities; or is there some less sinister explanation for these happenings? Just what is this man’s occupation?


He works as an ice cream man, driving his truck to various neighborhoods and selling his cold treats.

#6 - Mystery Occupation Riddle Meme.
#6 - Mystery Occupation Riddle Meme with riddle and answer link.