Riddle: A husband and wife are seated facing each other with a barrier between them. Each one takes turns communicating with the other, each speaking only two words at a time. After each two-word message is conveyed, the other person answers with a one-word response. This goes on for some time, until at last, either the husband or his wife suddenly shouts out a four-word phrase which ends this scenario; however, this often causes either the husband or the wife to become angry or frustrated with the person who shouted the four-word phrase. What is going on here?
Answer: The husband and wife are playing the old game of BATTLESHIP. The two-word communications consist of a letter and a number for the coordinates of where the ships are hidden, and the one-word responses are either, "Hit" or "Miss". The final four word phrase which ends the game is, "You Sank My Battleship!"
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