Riddle: A sheriff is in hot pursuit of the notorious bank robber Black Bart. The six-shooters of the lawman and the criminal glisten in the sun, as Black Bart speeds his way on foot to the first horse he sees, and quickly mounts it. The sheriff, in hot pursuit, jumps on the back of the closest steed he can find, and continues the heated chase, but he is unable to close the gap between them. After a short time, a man and a woman, who are witnessing the chase, shout out loudly to the lawman and the criminal, "Meet you at the saloon in 30 minutes for something cold!" What is going on in this strange scenario, and who are the man and the woman who shouted out the invitation to the saloon?
Answer: The "sheriff" and "Black Bart" are two children pretending to be a lawman chasing an outlaw, and are riding horses on a merry-go-round at an amusement park or a western tourist town. The man and the woman are their parents who are inviting them to the "saloon" for some cold drinks or ice cream.
STOP!!!  In the Name of the Law! Riddle Meme.