Riddle: Lucille had recently received her real estate license and was out evaluating a bunch of properties in a certain neighborhood. As she traveled around the area, she saw some properties which were very expensive, and others that were more affordable. The area was sprinkled with a mixture of little greenhouses, a couple of hotels, a few businesses, and she noticed there was also some access to railway travel. Some of these properties were for sale but others were not. The bizarre thing is, Lucille ended up in jail three separate times that day and had to be bailed out on each occasion! She received no traffic citations and swears she did absolutely nothing wrong, and yet, she was incarcerated three times that day. What do you suppose happened that caused her to be locked up in jail three times in one day?
Answer: Lucille had indeed recently received her real estate license, however, that really had little to do with the fact she was playing a game of Monopoly with some friends; and unfortunately for her, landed in jail three times during the game, and had to bail herself out so she could continue playing.
Repeat Offender Riddle Meme.