Riddle: Five male teenagers and five female teens each step into ten separate circles. The males make disparaging remarks to the females while pointing their thumbs downward, and the female teens respond to the males in the same fashion in retaliation. "You have no chance to beat us!", declares one of the male teens to the female five. "You losers don't have a prayer to win!", shouts one of the females to the male group. Suddenly, a judge for the event appears and announces, "The last person still legally performing the maneuver within their circle, wins for their entire group!" The judge then officially begins the competition by playing a CD of a famous song by Alvin and the Chipmunks. The song continues to play loudly, until only one person is left who is legally performing the maneuver within their circle. Are these people on board the train to Nuttytown, or is there actually some legitimate event being decided here?
Answer: The two five-member teams are competing in a hula-hoop endurance contest. The theme song played during the competition is one of The Chipmunks greatest hits called: The Chipmunk’s Hula-Hoop Christmas Song.
The Circle of Strife Riddle Meme.