Messy Marge’s mother was scolding her once again for keeping such a messy bedroom -- and right after she had said she was done cleaning it. Her mother began her lecture by saying, “Messy Marge (that is what her mother called her), I just finished inspecting your room, and I was shocked by some of the things I discovered on your bedroom floor. I found 11 red balloons, 7 orange-colored stars, 9 green things which resembled clover leafs, 4 moon-shaped objects of a bluish color, and 10 little pink hearts; but the mess that really irritated me was the 26 horse shoes I found on your closet floor! Is Messy Marge destined to be the next subject on the TV show “Hoarders: Buried Alive,” or is there some less horrific explanation for the contents of her room?


Messy Marge is messy with her belongings, but she has also been caught eating in her room. In this case, she’s been eating bowls of Lucky Charms cereal, and spilling many of the colored marshmallows in various places in her room.

Messy Marge Riddle Meme.
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