Three families from the hills of eastern Kentucky decided to pull up stakes, form a wagon train, and head for the state of Nevada to seek their fortunes in the gold and silver mines located there. Each family took the bare essentials with them, and packed only their most precious belongings into the three wagons they were using for the journey. On their 2,000 mile trip to Nevada, the wagon train encountered no hostile Indian attacks from the Apaches or the Comanches, and they had no difficulty crossing any of the many rivers they came to, even though the spring flooding season was upon them. One might expect a journey of this magnitude, moving three families with all of their possessions packed into three wagons on a 2,000 trip, to take at least two or three months, but miraculously, the wagon train arrived in Nevada after only four days. How is this possible?


This trip for the three families took place in the 1960s. The wagon train consisted of three station wagons.

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