Riddle: A son went to his father's house and knocked on the door. When his father answered the door, the son said, "O.K., today is the day I promised to burn your house to the ground." "But I built the house in 1941 with my own two hands. It has a lot of sentimental value, and is still very useful to me," replied the father. "Too bad," said the son, "but I have always loathed it, especially in the wintertime, and I grew to especially hate it since you added that second hole to it when you built the addition to the house when I was a teenager." "But if you burn the house down, where will I go?" asked the father. "You will just have to go where most people go in these modern times," answered the son. "Well, I guess you're right," said his father. The son then promptly escorted his father outside, where the son proceeded to burn the house down to the ground in front of his father's tear-filled eyes. Had this father raised a deranged, sociopathic pyromaniac for a son, or is there another explanation for these bizarre events?
Answer: The father, although he owned a fully functioning home, had never been able to break himself from the habit of going to the bathroom in the Outhouse he had built for his family back in 1941. The son, along with the neighbors, considered the Outhouse to be a public eyesore, and the son had been trying for some time to get his father to agree to let him burn it down.
Going ----- Going ----- Gone! Riddle Meme.