Riddle: There is a blackout and everyone is running crazy, even you in a few minutes of time you come to 2 doors and bronze one or a gold one wich one do you go through? If you pick Gold you will go down a long hallway and at the end of the hallway theres 2 more doors one has a swgiley line on it and one has a straight line on it wich one do you go through. If you pick the straight line you come to a room with all boxes, boxes are everywhere so your walking around and you come to 2 holes in the groung one says enter and one says do not enter wich one do you go through? If you go through enter you drop in a kitchen and you see the door to a bathroom and a door to dinning room wich one do you go through? if you go through the bathroom you realize that it is not a bathroom. There is a man standing there saying you have to die here but im giving you the choose would you like to die by and electric chair, knife or a gun? (if you pick the other doors to go through the same thing will happen.)
Answer: The electric chair because there is no power.
Rember Riddle Meme.
Rember Riddle Meme.
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