Riddle: In the middle of the desert the police find a dead, naked man holding half a toothpick. Several miles past him they find a trail of several person's clothing and several miles past that they find two sand bags. From this they were able to figure out how the man died. How?
Answer: The man was one of several people on a hot air balloon. The balloon began to sink and the people in it would die unless they could find some way to stay in the air past the desert. First they cut off their sandbags. When this wasn't enough weight loss they stripped of their clothing. When this wasn't enough they decided one of them would have to jump off and sacrifice themself for the rest of them. They drew toothpicks and whomever got the short stick had to jump off. The man who the police found dead got the short stick, hence why he was holding half of a toothpick.
Dead man with half a toothpick Riddle Meme.
Dead man with half a toothpick Riddle Meme.
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