Riddle: In a room, there is 1 lightbulb. There is 1 and ONLY 1 door getting into the room and once you have gone in the door you must close it behind you and may not go back out. Outside the door there are 3 light switches.Once you open the door you CAN'T touch the light switches any more Only 1 switch turns the light on. How do you figure out which switch turns the light on.
Answer: 1:turn the first switch on and keep it on for 10 munites. After the 10 munites turn the switch off.

2:soon after step 1, turn the 2nd switch on and leave it on.

3:don't touch the 3rd swich.

4:go into the room, if the light is off, touch it and if its warm or hot you know that it is the first swich because you let the lightbulb warm up and just turned it off.If it is cool or cold and not on, you know its the 3rd switch because you did not touch the 3rd swich at all. If the light is on you obviously know that it is the second swich because you left the second swich on.
lights witch Riddle Meme.
lights witch Riddle Meme.
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