Riddle: I have A one dollar bill in my pocket. It has a key, a scale,and an owl sitting on top of the top right hand 1 on the front. It has a p[yramid with an eye over it and an eagle with talon of arrows in one its grasp. On the front is the tresurers name, their signature, a number to identify the dollar, There is a phrase repeated on both sides of the unit and this is the most used money in the world. There on the front of the bill is a man's picture and a name of the man. the unit is green and has black ink it's written with. There are millions and millions of these made and people are greedy and have to have the money. If I was to go to Iraq and purchase 1,469 items, how much did I spend?
Answer: I spent only a dollar but I converted my money into the Iraqi Dinar before I got there so I wouldn't get shot for being an American.
Can you guess? Riddle Meme.
Can you guess? Riddle Meme.
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