Riddle: There are four guys and one lady. The lady would take all four of them to the desert, but they can only bring one item with them. The first guy brings a bag of doodoo. The second guy brings a lightbulb. The third guy brings a shop full of hamburgers. The last guy brings a door of a car.
Why did they brought the items?
Answer: First guy brings poo so that he could feed it to the camel when they starve.
Second guy brings lightbulb so that when he feels dumb, he can plug it in to make him look smart. The third guy brings a shop with hamburgers so that when he is bored, he can burn it down. The last guy brings a car door so that whenever he farts, he can roll down the window.
Desert Guys Riddle Meme.
Desert Guys Riddle Meme.
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