The Hunter and the Shepherds

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Riddle: I'm never boring, always new and attractive, there is no right or wrong. I guide you to find the meaning of life and give meaning to your life. What am I?


Riddle: People who can't see me never aspire, and people who feel me don't want to lose. I fit for a person, but not for a group. I was born into one's consciousness, and I was repressed into rules and order. If a person wants to get me, he has to abandon the views of others and find his true self. I endure, I don't die forever, because there will always be person willing to follow my trail. What am I?


Riddle: I Am A Fish That Is Tasty And Can Be Expensive In Japan, But I Am Not Sustainable, And I Am In The "Avoid List" From WWF’s Sustainable Seafood List. What Fish Am I?


Riddle: People who want to get rid of me forever, there are dreamers, there are ignorant people; people who are happy to greet me, there are indifferent people, there are crazy people; most people fear me, but I will come eventually. What am I?