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Riddle: What 7-letter word has all 5 vowels and a q in it?
Answer: Sequoia.
Riddle: What starts in 'D', ends in 'R', and only arises once you've exhausted all your prayers?
Answer: Despair.
Riddle: What starts with 'I', ends in 'Y', and once it grabs you, it never says goodbye?
Answer: Insanity.
Riddle: What starts with 'L', ends in 'S', and causes the utmost distress?
Answer: Loneliness.
Riddle: What starts with 'B', ends in 'G', and ruins a person's self-esteem?
Answer: Bullying.
Riddle: What starts with 'E', ends in 'L', and for all nearby, disaster it spells?
Answer: Evil.
Riddle: Buckets, Barrels, Baskets, Cans. What must you fill with empty hands?
Answer: Gloves, duh!
Riddle: Can not be bought, can not be sold, even if it's made of gold. What is it?
Answer: It is a heart.
Riddle: What tree is most warmly clad?
Answer: A Fir tree.
Riddle: What's the difference between gossip and a mirror?
Answer: One speaks without reflecting and the other reflects without speaking.

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