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Riddle: What comes first the chicken or the egg?
Answer: Chicken! The word 'chicken' is in front of the word egg. Hence making it first.
Riddle: What has all the letters of the alphabet but not in the correct order?
Answer: A keyboard!
Riddle: One side hopes you have a great day. The other wishes you'd just go away. One side wants to be its best self. The other just wants back up on the shelf. One side always needs the other, and yet you may require a brother. What is it?
Answer: A battery. One side is positive and the other is negative. Most devices need at least a pair of batteries.
Riddle: Why do ducks have tail feathers?
Answer: To cover its buttquack.
Riddle: What is red and bad for your teeth if you eat it?
Answer: A brick.
Riddle: I am something. I thread a dark path and decrease with each step I take. What am I?
Answer: Chalk.
Riddle: What number(s) do you use to greet someone?
Answer: 07734 Get it? Write it in robotic form and turn it around. What do you get?: hELLO
Riddle: Touch me and you touch no more. Use me and it's less of a chore. Stretch me when you're saving a life but leave me if it's warm outside. What am I?
Answer: A glove.
Riddle: Clayton grew up in a very large, very poor family. With a dozen children(six boys and six girls) to care for, his parents had a hard time providing food and clothing for everyone. Also, as hot water had to first be boiled on the stove to mix with cold water for baths, Clayton and his siblings were lucky to be able to take a bath even one time a month. As he grew older, Clayton was able to obtain a good-paying job, and could afford to move into better housing where he had enough food and clean clothing for himself; but his habit of rarely taking a bath stuck with him. In fact, Clayton now only takes a bath once every two years or so, but no one at his office job(where he has to wear a suit and tie) has ever complained of his having any body odor, or made any negative references concerning his personal hygiene. They say old habits die hard, but this one grew by leaps and bounds!! Refusing to take even a sponge bath, how does Clayton manage to keep his job without offending any of his co-workers?
Answer: Clayton takes a shower every day.
Riddle: A famous magician and his assistant are standing in the middle of a large, empty field. There are no trees or buildings to be seen, and there are no ropes or hidden wires attached to the two performer's bodies. A large group of curious onlookers and their families are present to see the magician's farewell performance, as advertised in the local newspapers. The magician suddenly raises both hands and dramatically shouts to the audience, "My assistant and I will now rise from this very ground and disappear from your sight, but in three hours we will reappear in a town ten miles from here!" And with those final words, the magician and his assistant slowly lifted from the ground, continuing to rise majestically, until they were out of sight! True to his word, he and his assistant did reappear in another town ten miles from the place where they had first disappeared --- in the predicted three hours' time! What a fantastic trick!! How do you think they accomplished such an amazing feat?
Answer: The magician and his assistant used a hot-air balloon to rise up and disappear from the field. They were able to navigate and land it in a similar field in a town ten miles away.

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