Riddle: Mr. Plessy, one of the best pilots in his town, came to his insurance company to file a report. He said that someone had robbed him in the street, but he couldn't see what the robber had looked like because of his poor eyesight. The insurance manager refused to proceed with the case and called Mr. Plessy a liar. Why?
Answer: Mr. Plessy is a pilot, but it's impossible to work as one if you have poor eyesight.
Riddle: I spin a web to help my friend. Who am I?"
Answer: Charlotte.
Riddle: Paul called his detective friend to report a theft. The man suspected his neighbor, Ms. Andrews, whom he thought stole his favorite figure. Paul said, "I was vacuum cleaning my room upstairs when I heard footsteps downstairs. I ran downstairs in time to see Ms. Andrews running away with my figure,". Ms. Andrews denied everything. Who should the detective believe?
Answer: The detective should believe Ms. Andrews. Vacuum cleaners are usually very noisy, so Paul couldn't possibly hear anything, let alone any footsteps.
Riddle: Where can you see the world but the world can't see you?
Answer: TV.
Riddle: Four friends went out one night. During the trip back, they tried to squeeze under an umbrella, but it was too small for them to fit through. Still, everyone managed to stay dry by the time they arrived home. How can this be?
Answer: It wasn't raining. I didn't say that it was raining after all!
Riddle: On the Fourth of July, someone robbed the Johnsons. Police officers questioned three neighbors-Kyle, Rachel, and Sam. Kyle said that he was watching some movies with his family. Rachel said that she was having a barbecue outside to celebrate Independence Day. And Sam said that he was at the post office; all of his colleagues saw him. Who is lying?
Answer: Sam is lying. The Fourth of July is a public holiday; he couldn't be working at the post office on this day.
Riddle: During the first week of July, Jenny came back from a business trip and saw that her house had been burgled. She called the police and told them the following story: "My business trip was supposed to be between the 29th and the 31st of the previous month, so I was supposed to be gone for three days. However, I returned just now and found my house in a huge mess! Someone must have robbed me!". Jenny was arrested for a false report. Why?
Answer: Jenny came back during the first week of July, so the previous month was June. She couldn't be away for business between the 29th and the 31st of June because June 31st doesn't exist; there are only 30 days in June.
Riddle: How can you put some water in a colander?
Answer: Freeze some water into ice, and put the ice into the colander. Ice is still water, just in its solid state.
Riddle: Mrs. Collins went missing one afternoon. The police officers found a hint in her bedroom: First of July; Second of November; Third of June; Sixth of February; First of September. What is the name of the person behind the disappearance?
Answer: This person's name is Jonas. "First of July" means the first letter of July (J), "Second of November" means the second letter of November (O), and so on.
Riddle: You have two coins, and their total value is 11¢. One of the coins is not a penny. What are the two coins?
Answer: The two coins are a dime and a penny. I said "ONE of the coins is not a penny"; if one of the coins is not a penny, then the other coin IS a penny. The coin that is not a penny has to be a dime because the total value should be 11¢.