Riddle: People who want to get rid of me forever, there are dreamers, there are ignorant people; people who are happy to greet me, there are indifferent people, there are crazy people; most people fear me, but I will come eventually. What am I?
Answer: Death.
Riddle: My traces are everywhere, day or night. My enemies can drive me away, but they can't kill me,and sometimes, it makes me. I make some people feel fear, others feel serenity. I came when you closed your eyes, I can make you have eyes but not see, but you must not want to leave me forever. I can devour everything. What am I?
Answer: Darkness.
Riddle: If 20800 ounces is with a ton, you'll find yourself on a path that needs only one. Don't be fooled by the Duck. Who am I?
Answer: The riddle "A Path that needs only One." is unanswered. Do you know the answer? If so, click ANSWER and add your answer in the comments section.
Riddle: You longed for me when I was away, and you were terrified when I came. I free you from boredom and make your blood flow, but also expose your life to the drawbridge. You will have a racing heartbeat, a short breath because of my arrival, and you will feel tired because of my departure. What am I?
Answer: Danger.
Riddle: People who can't see me never aspire, and people who feel me don't want to lose. I fit for a person, but not for a group. I was born into one's consciousness, and I was repressed into rules and order. If a person wants to get me, he has to abandon the views of others and find his true self. I endure, I don't die forever, because there will always be person willing to follow my trail. What am I?
Answer: Freedom.
Riddle: What can go forward but never back?
Answer: Time.
Riddle: Why was 6 afraid of 9 on new years eve?
Answer: Because 9 ate (eight) 7 6.
Riddle: A story was recently reported by a non-newspaper periodical concerning a residential invasion committed by a man and a woman. The couple was observed to be wearing blue jeans, work gloves, and straw hats as they carried out their dirty deed. These two perpetrators reportedly entered the residence (which was surrounded by a protective fence), pulled the inhabitants from their beds, and then carried them away. To protect these innocents, only the nicknames of the victims were listed in the article. The nicknames given were as follows: Bea, Tom, Gus, Elery, Cab, and Kale. No one ever called the police to report these events, even though several of the neighbors were aware of it, and the incident was never covered by any TV or radio station. In fact, when all of the neighbors learned of this occurrence, they warmly congratulated the couple who had performed this deed. How callous these neighbors must be. Have they no hearts or compassion; or is there some less sinister explanation for the events described above?
Answer: The nicknames of the victims were Bea (beans), Tom (tomatoes), Gus (asparagus), Elery (celery), Cab (cabbage), and Kale (kale). The perpetrators were a couple who were harvesting vegetables from their garden.
Riddle: What is something that shortens in size even though it is lifeless, has no faults, but has the power to correct everyone's mistake?
Answer: An eraser.
Riddle: What can you find in Texas but not in the states Ohio, Utah or Iowa?
Answer: The vowel “e”.