Riddle: Why does footwear smell of fish?
Answer: Maybe, it is the soles and (h) eels.
Riddle: Why was the Joke Factory made to close down?
Answer: The building was found to be full off cracks.
Riddle: There was no mention of it in any of the newspapers, but a queen recently moved to a small farm in the state of Iowa. To assist her, a group of about 20 diligent workers was assigned to help the queen with the farm work which needed to be done, as the queen was not accustomed to performing any type of menial, manual labor. It may seem a bit strange, but in her new home, there were no cows or chickens or farm animals of any kind, and the surrounding soil was very sandy, so no crops could be grown there. This really didn’t matter though, as there was no farm machinery for the workers to use anyway. At the queen’s insistence, those diligent workers spend their days digging tunnels all over the farm; but they are not seeking treasure or anything of value. These tunnels sometimes collapse on the workers, killing a few; but the queen shows little concern and these deaths are never reported to the police or to any law enforcement agency. Who does this queen think she is? She must feel she is above the law and has no respect for the lives of those who serve her! Where is the justice for these workers? Or, perhaps, the queen shouldn’t be held responsible after all. What exactly is going on here?
Answer: The queen was an ant which was purchased and added to an ant farm owned by a child in the state of Iowa. About 20 worker ants were added to the ant farm shortly thereafter.
Riddle: What do you call a person selling drugs from his bike?
Answer: A dope peddler.
Riddle: What do you call a priest riding a cycle?
Answer: A cyclist.
Riddle: I was looking to buy some furniture, when a man I didn’t know, offered me, a brand new three-seater and two new armchairs, for free. I refused, why?
Answer: I was told never take suites (sweets) off a stranger.
Riddle: Which is the most shocking city in the world?
Answer: Electricity!
Riddle: What do you call a bear which is fast asleep?
Answer: Bearly awake!
Riddle: Terry is a gambling man. Just the other day at a meeting of his bridge club, he challenged each of the seven members to the following: "I bet each of you, seven men, a pack of Blackjack chewing gum, that none of you can walk straight through that 6-foot 5-inch doorframe --- without stopping or jumping --- and touch the top of it with your head as you pass through it; but I bet I can. Since the tallest member of the club was six feet tall and he knew he couldn't do it, even on his tiptoes, each man decided to take Terry's bet. Terry won seven packs of Blackjack gum that day. Since he didn’t use an instant growth potion, how did he manage to win his unusual bet?
Answer: After the other members tried his challenge and failed, Terry simply strapped two one-foot tall stilts (empty metal cans he had brought with him) to his feet and walked through the doorway, touching his head on the frame as he passed through it.
Riddle: King Richard was born in England. Raised in England. Crowned in England. Where was he crowned?
Answer: On his head..