Riddle: I was here and now I’m not. What am I?
Answer: Gone.
Riddle: A man built a house. A man pounded the house but it did not break, yet when he stopped it crashed. What was the house made of?
Answer: Oobleck.
Riddle: What do you call a spider with 10 eyes?
Answer: A spiiiiiiiiiider. Get it?
Riddle: Where is the place where 30 soldiers and 2 kings fought but not a drop of blood was spilled?
Answer: A chessboard.
Riddle: A man is standing inside a large, brown circle. Just behind him is a smaller, white rectangle. In full view of many men, women, and even children, the man in the circle openly displays in his hand a small bag full of a white, powdery substance. Immediately, the man spots another man wearing a mask, signaling to him that he wants something the man in the circle has in his possession. The man in the brown circle, who is now standing on only one leg, proceeds to deliver a very small amount of the white powder to the masked man along with a round object. Numerous plainclothes police witness this open exchange, but neither man is arrested for the possession or the trafficking of the white powder. What is wrong with our society today!?! Ignoring crime is never the answer, as it only emboldens the criminals around us; or is the scenario described above more innocent than it appears? Just what is happening here?
Answer: The man in the brown circle is a baseball pitcher who is holding a white rosin bag used to help dry his hand before pitching. The pitcher then sees his catcher (the masked man) giving him the signal for which pitch he is to throw, and the pitcher then delivers the baseball which has a small amount of resin still on it.
Riddle: Lies I tell, though I bear not guilt, And truth, though I know it not. In the dark path of my dancing, Enlightenment often is sought. What am I?
Answer: A pen - It has no knowledge of or responsibility for what it writes, but the inky dark path left by its dance across the page may well hold great knowledge.
Riddle: I am a shadow during the night but during the day I'm a well Respected Figure. What am I?
Answer: A Vigilante. (Batman is also an acceptable answer)
Riddle: Your name is A and you are with 3 of your friends - B, C, D. It's nighttime and you come through a forest. You all have only one torch and only 2 of you can use it at a time. The time taken by each person to cross the forest is - A = 1 min; B = 2 min; C = 7 min; D = 10 min; What is the least time taken for you all to cross the forest?
Answer: AB = 2 min (go to the end); A = 1 min (comes back); CD = 10 min (go to the end); B = 2 min (comes back, you came back alone in step 2); AB = 2 min (go to the end); Total = 17 mins.
Riddle: There are special times on the clock which read from either right or from left, is taken the same... Like 12:21, it can be read the same from both sides. Can you tell the least minutes between 2 of these times?
Answer: 2 min i.e 9:59 and 10:01.
Riddle: You use me to hide from the world but they can still see you. Nobody knows but only you do. My exposed side is fake while the other covers your youth. I hold lies and truths in both ways therefore sometimes I am ruth. You wear me with or without your wealth or I can be shaped from wood or chisel and used for stealth. I am never complete without being worn into, for I am a tool that everyone can see, they look at me more than look at you too. I can fake your looks for and from many different things, creatures, objects, insects, and even your fidus achates. It is up to you how I am lune, For I am not the mystery, only though are you. What am I?
Answer: A Mask.