Riddle: Shirley's two-year-old granddaughter carries around with her something Shirley recently purchased for her in the produce section of a local supermarket. The little girl has the item wrapped in a blanket, pretending it is her baby. She carries her "baby" with her everywhere she goes, and even sleeps with it at nighttime. However, the "baby" has no body, but consists of a brown head with two eyes and a mouth; or is it two eyes and a nose? Sometimes it is difficult to tell, but only the face of the baby peeks out from the surrounding blanket. What type of produce is this "baby" which Shirley's granddaughter carries around with her?
Answer: The two-year-old’s “baby” is actually a coconut which she wraps in a blanket, with the three circular indentations of the “face” turned outward.
Riddle: Why was the theatre closed down?
Answer: Because it was CLAPPED out.
Riddle: A chap at a craft fair, orders a beer brewed from lungs, hearts, liver, and kidneys. After he drank it, what did he say?
Answer: That offal.
Riddle: Why do skeletons hate the cold?
Answer: The wind goes right through them!
Riddle: What is Heavy Forward but Not Backward?
Answer: a belly.
Riddle: This is a coded riddle. Crack the code and answer the riddle. What is the riddle and answer? The cipher for this coded riddle is hidden somewhere on Hint: #5000 This is a riddle written in secret code. Can you solve it? Wklv sodfh kdv kdugob dqb oljkwv, exw d orw ri fuhdnlqj iorruv. Wkhuh duh doo nlqgv ri vwudqjh qrlvhv dqg vrph udqgrp vodpplqj grruv. Zkdw lv lw?
Answer: The riddle "Puzzle 4 - Coded Riddle - What is the riddle and answer?" is unanswered. Do you know the answer? If so, click ANSWER and add your answer in the comments section.
Riddle: What is the difference between a buffalo and a bison?
Answer: You cannot wash hands in a buffalo.
Riddle: What is the difference between an African Elephant and an Indian Elephant?
Answer: About 3,000 miles.
Riddle: If your feet smell and your nose runs, what ails you?
Answer: You are upside down.
Riddle: Why was the arrow trembling?
Answer: Because he saw his friends in a quiver. (arrow pouch)