Riddle: Imagine you are deserted on an island lighted up with fire. You have no bucket so you cannot use the seawater. How do you escape?
Answer: Just stop imagining.
Riddle: It's 11:59 PM and it's raining heavily. Your friend feels like this one is not going to end soon and it will increase. Do you think there are any chances that it will be broad sunlight after 72hrs or not?
Answer: Of course not it will be night at 11:59 PM after the next 72 hrs! LoL!!
Riddle: How can you put a pencil on the floor where no one can jump over it?
Answer: Put it by the wall in the corner.
Riddle: Did you hear about the boy who went to his senior prom dressed in a t-shirt and jeans? He was arrested by the fashion police. What was he charged with?
Answer: Tux evasion.
Riddle: Why did the Army cook refuse to serve pie, cake, or ice cream?
Answer: He was afraid he'd be shot as a dessert-er.
Riddle: What kind of fish chases a mouse?
Answer: A catfish!
Riddle: "May Day! May Day! May Day! May Day!" shouted an angry wife to her cringing husband. "This is my official warning for you to remove that dead plant from this house before the stroke of midnight tonight!" "But it holds a lot of sweet memories from last year for me," responded her husband. His wife fired back with, "Today is the first of May, and you should have removed your precious plant from the premises months ago. Besides, it is both dead and brown and is now as sharp as a cactus, and to top it off, it has become a genuine fire hazard." Her husband sheepishly answered her by saying,” Well, I was hoping to set a Guinness world record for the family; but if I must dispose of it, the least you can do is help me remove all the shiny stuff from it first. What kind of a plant do you suppose this was which could create such a strange-sounding argument between this husband and wife?
Answer: The husband was having trouble parting with his beloved Christmas tree which was still standing in all of its tinseled glory in their living room, since it was erected in December of the previous year.
Riddle: I am a body part. I am same when spelled forward and backward. What am I?
Answer: Rotator.
Riddle: What do you carry everywhere you go?
Answer: Your shadow!
Riddle: What type of key opens a banana?
Answer: A mon-key!