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Riddle: People who want to get rid of me forever, there are dreamers, there are ignorant people; people who are happy to greet me, there are indifferent people, there are crazy people; most people fear me, but I will come eventually. What am I?


Riddle: My traces are everywhere, day or night. My enemies can drive me away, but they can't kill me,and sometimes, it makes me. I make some people feel fear, others feel serenity. I came when you closed your eyes, I can make you have eyes but not see, but you must not want to leave me forever. I can devour everything. What am I?


Riddle: I Am Something That Has Six Faces That You Can Twist All Day, And If You Keep Twisting Me, I Will Keep Changing Colour. What Am I?


Riddle: If 20800 ounces is with a ton, you'll find yourself on a path that needs only one. Don't be fooled by the Duck. Who am I?