Riddle: I'm afraid my grandmother may be getting a bit senile. The other day she told me she was planning a special Easter party for about 25 of her friends, and she asked me to go to the store for her, to pick up the following items on this list she gave me: 25 green apples, 25 peaches, 25 mangos, 25 juicy pears, 25 plums, 25 lemons, 25 coconuts, 25 cantaloupes, 25 watermelons, 25 A&W cream sodas, 25 strawberry cheesecakes, 25 pieces of bubblegum, 1 bag of crushed pineapple, 1 bag of blueberries, 1 bag of cotton candy, 1 bag of wild blackberries, 1 bag of buttered popcorn, and 1 bag of sour cherries. Well, what do you think? Is my grandmother’s trolly car starting to leave its track, or are her mental faculties still in good working order? Just what is her plan for this party?
Answer: Grandma is planning an Easter jelly-bean-eating party for her 25 friends. She plans to give one of each of the gourmet jelly beans listed to each of her friends to see which flavors her friends like the best.
Riddle: What word does not belong in the following: Cop, Mop chop, or caps?
Answer: Or!
Riddle: I am named for my fleeting motion. Numbered zero and four score more. A barren desert and a heavy ocean. One is flowing, the other a solid core. Who are we?
Answer: Mercury and mercury.
Riddle: Out of the Four Cardinal directions which direction is preferred for baking ?
Answer: Y-East.
Riddle: The less of them you have; the more one is worth. Who/What are they?
Answer: Friends.
Riddle: I cease to be after I commence, Here I am, then back once more. A simple treat for another sense. Given, taken, or stolen, a thing you can’t ignore. What am I?
Answer: A glance.
Riddle: A glow in the dark, A place without life, Where a small spark, Means the greatest strife. Where am I?
Answer: Space.
Riddle: You try to gain more of me with every coin. You travel every distance to obtain me. You try every illusion to believe you have me. What am I?
Answer: Freedom.
Riddle: By the clanking of rails and the bristling of sails, I am no more than a fathom away. I may be behind your neck or as miniature as a spec, But trust me I am not here to stay. What am I?
Answer: A passenger.
Riddle: Terry lives part-time in a mobile home, but it is a most unusual place. Terry's mobile home has no front or back door, so Terry can only enter his home through the roof. His home has no kitchen or basement or attic; and most importantly, his home has no bathroom! Considering all of these basic housing deficiencies, it is no wonder Terry's mental health has again come into question, as he often feels compelled to start shooting at strangers from within the confines of his mobile home. It doesn't seem possible, but the authorities are 100% supportive of Terry's actions! Has Terry snapped mentally? Is he in need of immediate psychiatric treatment, or is his mental health more normal than it appears? And why do the authorities permit Terry to shoot at others? Just what is going on here?
Answer: Terry is a soldier in the U.S. Army. He operates an armored Tank in the service of our country.