Riddle: A certain man who is called "Captain" by his crew, is infamously known for his hatred of a particular group of young boys. He especially dislikes the leader of this group of children, to the extent he would actually kill him if given the chance. This man is neither a basketball player, nor a boxer, nor a fisherman, as his name suggests, but he is the "captain" of a ship called the Sea Devil which flies a black and white flag. This man sails on his ship with his own group of grown men who are a scurvy bunch who enjoy criminal activities. Although he presents himself as being fearless, there is one thing that sends him into a frightened panic -- the sound of a ticking clock! Who is this infamous man, and why haven’t the authorities arrested or imprisoned him and his evil crew?
Answer: The infamous man is Captain Hook, the arch-enemy of Peter Pan and the lost boys. He fears the loud ticking of a clock which a monstrous crocodile swallowed at some point before Peter Pan cut off the captain’s hand during battle, and fed the hand to the beast. The clock now resides in the crocodile’s stomach, and the ticking warns Captain Hook of the creature’s presence, as the crocodile wants to eat the rest of the tasty captain.
Riddle: I am used in computers and pianos but not on Ipads. What am I?
Answer: A keyboard!
Riddle: I'm a clock, pizza, head of a stickman but not a door. What am I?
Answer: A circle!
Riddle: I work very hard and never stop. When I stop, life is death. Who am I?
Answer: Your Heart. It has to work hard to pump blood to all parts of your body!
Riddle: What is an insect’s favorite sport?
Answer: Cricket.
Riddle: You draw a line. Without touching it, how do you make the line longer?
Answer: You draw a shorter line next to it, and then it becomes the longer line.
Riddle: What can you hear, but not see or touch, even though you control it?
Answer: Your voice.
Riddle: Why did the eagle not fly over the sea?
Answer: Because if it flew over the sea it will be a seagull.
Riddle: It was during a television advertisement on the reality show "Dog the Bounty Hunter" that Jean first received her calling to become an actual bounty hunter. Immediately after viewing the ad, Jean stood up, walked directly to her car, and proceeded to drive to a rather seedy location where she felt certain she would be able to secure her first bounty. Fearlessly, Jean entered the location without weapons of any kind and without handcuffs, and yet, she was able to apprehend her intended target without causing any disturbance, and without encountering any physical resistance from her prey. What gave Jean the courage and the confidence to think she could handle the duties, dangers, and responsibilities associated with the bounty hunting profession?
Answer: As Jean was watching her favorite TV show “Dog the Bounty Hunter” one evening, a commercial for Bounty paper towels appeared. Jean remembered she had just used her last roll of paper towels earlier that day and had always wanted to try the Bounty brand, so she drove to a local mini-mart and picked up a roll to try it, to see if it was truly “The Quicker - Picker - Upper”.
Riddle: A famous magician and his assistant were performing for a small crowd at a local mall. As part of their act, they both disappeared behind a small curtained area where they each picked up a wooden cross-shaped object. Suddenly, a small boy and girl appeared on stage in front of the audience. The magician waved his cross over the boy's head as he whispered, so only his assistant could hear him, "You are now hypnotized, and must do exactly as I tell you. I order you to strike the little girl on the top of her head." The little boy quickly complied, and the audience gasped. "I'm no hypnotist," whispered the assistant back to the magician, so only he could hear her, "but my intuition tells me the little girl is about to strike back." Sure enough, the girl kicked the little boy in the knee. The audience again gasped, as the magician simultaneously yelled, "Ouch!" At that point, the magician whispered to the assistant, "You win. Back to the script now." Was this some sick, twisted, abusive presentation, or was there some harmless explanation for these events? Just exactly what was going on here?
Answer: As part of their magic show, the magician and his assistant went behind a curtain, and each picked up a wooden cross-shaped controller, so they could manipulate their puppets for their puppet show which was part of their act. However, the magician got a bit mischievous, and used his puppet to bonk the assistant’s puppet on the head. The assistant wasn’t amused however, and not only retaliated with her girl puppet, but also kicked the magician in his knee at the same time. That was enough to make the magician return to the actual script of the puppet show.