A large truck is crossing a bridge

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Saint Patrick's Riddles for your favorite Irish holiday. Get your lucky four-leaf clover and follow the leprechaun to the end of the rainbow.
A family fun collection of Easter Riddles everyone will enjoy. For use in classrooms and scavenger hunts this riddle collection is printable and downloadable.
Thanksgiving Riddles, a fun collection of riddles, brain teasers, and Jokes for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Gobble Gobble!
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Riddle: Purple, yellow, red, and green, The king cannot reach it, nor yet the queen; Nor can Old Noll, whose power is great. Tell me this riddle while I count to eight.
Answer: A rainbow.
Riddle: The land is white. The seed is black. It will take a good scholar To riddle me that.
Answer: A book.
Riddle: What kind of building, tall and strong, is never used by the community that builds it?
Answer: A lighthouse. It's sole use it to warn ships, not to help the town that built it.
Riddle: What did the Lemon say to the doctor?
Answer: I need lemon-aide.