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Riddle: Harry is in a history competition with two other students–Renèe and Tyler. The rules are as follows: A student will choose another student to target. A history question will be read out, and the student will give his or her answer. If the answer is correct, the target is eliminated. And if the answer is incorrect, the target stays in the game. This will happen until only one student remains. Harry isn't very good in history; his odds of answering correctly are 1/3. Renèe's odds are a little better–2/3. And Tyler is a history ace, with his odds of giving the correct answer being 3/3. Every student knows everyone else's odds. To be fair, Harry will begin; then, the turn will pass to Renèe, then to Tyler, and then to Harry, and so on until one player remains. How can Harry have higher chances to win?
Answer: On Harry's first turn, he should give the incorrect answer on purpose. If he targets Renèe and manages to eliminate her, then it's just Harry and Tyler; however, Tyler will definitely eliminate Harry because HIS odds are much higher. And if Harry targets Tyler and manages to eliminate him, then it's just Harry and Renèe; however, Renèe might eliminate Harry because she has higher odds. If Harry purposefully answers incorrectly, the turn will simply move to Renèe, who will answer next. On Renèe's first turn, she will likely target Tyler because he has higher odds than her. If she manages to eliminate him, then it's just Harry and Renèe. Harry will be going first with his shot at winning the competition. If Renèe doesn't eliminate Tyler, then it will be HIS turn; Tyler will target Renèe and eliminate her for sure due to his odds being higher than hers. Although Harry will have to go against Tyler in the end, it's still a fair situation because Harry will still be going first with a chance to win.
Riddle: Mrs. Harris went to the police station to file a report. She said that someone had attacked her. Here is her story: "I was in the restaurant bathroom, fixing my makeup. Suddenly, a stranger hit me on the head! I didn't see what this person looked like because he approached me from behind!". The police officer refused to file the report and sent Mrs. Harris home. Why?
Answer: If Mrs. Harris was fixing her makeup, she was most likely looking in the mirror (after all, she wouldn't want to ruin her makeup, right?). If someone had approached the woman from behind, she would have DEFINITELY seen what he or she looked like. Therefore, Mrs. Harris lied, and made up the whole story.
Riddle: Dominick is the manager of a massively successful hotel. One day, his richest guest, Kim, calls him. She says that someone stole all of her money from the vault in her room. Dominick decides to question three other hotel guests–Sally, Lawrence, and Deborah. Dominick asks each of them just one question: "What were you doing within the last hour?" Sally says, "I was chilling in a hotel room with my boyfriend, and had nothing to do with the robbery." Lawrence says, "I was having lunch in the local sushi restaurant on the top floor. " Deborah says," I was swimming in the hotel swimming pool." Who is the robber?
Answer: Sally is the robber. Dominick never mentioned the robbery, but Sally started making excuses straight away.
Riddle: On a bright and sunny day, a powerful and evil wizard locked Karen on the top floor of his tower. Then, the wizard set a huge magic fire around the base of the castle, so Karen would not be able to get out. The room had a small window. Karen looked around and saw three potions on the table. The first potion would give Karen incredible human strength. The second potion would turn Karen into a vampire. The third potion would let Karen summon any animal she'd like. Which potion should Karen choose to escape?
Answer: Karen should choose the potion that allows her to turn into a vampire (the second potion). Even if she has all of the strength in the world, she wouldn't be able to do anything to the magic fire. And no animal can help Karen escape. If Karen turns into a vampire, though, she can transform into a bat and fly away through the window. And I know what you're thinking, but no–even though it's a sunny day, bats cannot die in the sun.

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