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Riddle: A woman named Maria was at the funeral of her mother. She met a nice young man that she had never seen before and after the service, they spent a bit of time together. Then she got busy and didn’t get his name or phone number before he left. She tried to find him, but no one knew who he was or how to contact him. A few weeks later, Maria’s older sister dies and the police suspect murder. Who killed the sister?
Answer: Maria. She hoped the man would show up at her sister’s funeral just as he had for her mother’s funeral.
Riddle: What do you call a leprechaun's vacation home?
Answer: A Lepre-condo
Riddle: What do you call a magician who lost his magic?
Answer: Ian.
Riddle: You were in the garden. There are 34 people in the yard. You killed 30. How many people are in the garden?
Answer: Only 1, the killer.  If he killed 30 the other 4 would have run away so the killer would be the only one left.