Riddle: When is the best time to have lunch?
Answer: After breakfast.
Riddle: What did the pen say to the paper?
Answer: Lets run away and WRITE
Riddle: A man while looking at a photograph said, "Brothers and sisters have I none. That man's father is my father's son." Who was the person in the photograph?
Answer: That man's son.
Riddle: Which is the largest room in the world?
Answer: The room for improvement.
Riddle: How can you spell "enemy" in three letters?
Answer: F O E.
Riddle: Who is next to a king on his throne?
Answer: His Queen.
Riddle: How can you hold a piece of string, one end in each hand, and tie a knot in the string with out letting go of either end?
Answer: Cross your arms before you seize the ends of the string. Uncross your arms and it will tie a knot!
Riddle: Where is there no south, west, nor east, and weather is not fit for man or beast?
Answer: The South Pole.
Riddle: What do goblins sing in the shower?
Answer: Rhythm and boos.