Riddle: What do angels sing in the shower?
Answer: Soul.
Riddle: What wears an eyepatch and robs ships at night?
Answer: A vampirate.
Riddle: Who has red bumps and is the fastest gun in the west?
Answer: Rootin' Tootin' Raspberry.
Riddle: When are you most likely to see through a man?
Answer: When he has a pain (pane) in his stomach.
Riddle: What does a rain cloud wear under their raincoat?
Answer: Thunderware.
Riddle: There are 4 borthers 3 of them want to buy a television which is 30 pounds. Each of them pay 10 pound each they give the money to the fourth brother and asked him to go into town and buy the television. When he got there the man said there was 5 pounds off so the fourth brother took the 5 pound and television and left. He decided to make some money out of this so he took 2 pounds and give the other 3 pounds to his brothers. So the 3 brothers only payed 9 pounds each. 3 times 9 is 27 were is the last pound?
Answer: Add 3 on to 25 = 28 then add 2
Riddle: What country would you send a man to for his appetite?
Answer: To Hungary.
Riddle: Who do witches stop for on the highway?
Answer: Witch-hikers.
Riddle: What's the word inside the riddle?
Answer: The iddl.
Riddle: What kind of can never needs a can-opener?
Answer: A pelican!