Riddle: How can you tell if a ghost is about to faint?
Answer: He gets pale as a sheet.
Riddle: Where do Generals keep their armies?
Answer: Up their sleevies!
Riddle: Why are opera singers good sailors?
Answer: Because they can handle the seas!
Riddle: What islands should have good singers?
Answer: The Canary islands.
Riddle: What do witches ask for when they stop at a hotel?
Answer: Broom Service or A broom with a view.
Riddle: What is the difference between a hungry man and a glutton?
Answer: One longs to eat and the other eats too long.
Riddle: How did the court know the judge was ready for bed?
Answer: He was wearing his robe.
Riddle: When is a clock dangerous?
Answer: When it runs down and strikes.
Riddle: Why is a bubble like a bruise?
Answer: Because it comes from a blow.
Riddle: How did the chimp fix the leaky faucet?
Answer: With a monkey wrench.