Riddle: What animal would you get crossed a duck, a beaver, and an otter?
Answer: A platypus.
Riddle: What animal has more lives than a cat?
Answer: A frog, he croaks every night!
Riddle: What is the proper length for a lady's skirt?
Answer: A little above two feet.
Riddle: What chins are never shaved?
Answer: Sea Urchins.
Riddle: When is a man like a snake?
Answer: When he gets rattled.
Riddle: What do you get when you cross Santa Claus and a duck?
Answer: A Christmas quacker.
Riddle: Which is the oldest tree?
Answer: The elder.
Riddle: Roses are red, Violets are blue; And I'm forever saying: I love you. What am I?
Answer: A Valentine.
Riddle: What snack does the Man in the Moon like?
Answer: Space-chips.
Riddle: Who is the meanest goat in the west?
Answer: Billy the Kid.