Riddle: As I was going to a Halloween Party
I met a man with seven wives

Every wife had seven sacks
Every sack had seven cats
Every cat had seven kits
We traded bits
Each cat, sack, wife, and he
Took a kit. The rest for me.
So now I have a kit supply.
How many kits did I just buy?
Answer: The kits in this fine piece of lore
Are seven to the power four.
Each cat takes one, maternally,
Or seven to the power three.
The sacks, as must be clear to you,
Hold seven to the power two.
The wives, to have a bit of fun,

Pet seven to the power one.
And last, our multi-mated hero
Has seven to the power zero.
When added up, the number shared
Becomes precisely twenty squared.
So after the subtraction's done
You still retain two thousand one.
And so it turns out to be
The start of one more odyssey.

Seven Cats Seven Sacks Riddle Meme.
Seven Cats Seven Sacks Riddle Meme.
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