Riddle: one day a king looked at his money . He did it again 20 minutes later.He saw his money had been decreased. He seant a spy to check and whoever talked about him stealing the money was marked with an X.The king set out money to see who would take it. Five men walked across the place and the money was gone.They did'nt bend down to get it either. Then a man talked about putting wax under his sandle to take the money. When he went to sleep, the spy marked him with an X. In the morning the king checked if they had a mark.He saw a mark on the man but he still did not know who took it. How could this be???
Answer: In the morning , all the men woke up before him.they all marked themselfs with an X so he would not be caught.
the thief Riddle Meme.
the thief Riddle Meme.
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