Riddle: 5 people were in a helicopter. Bill Phil Smith Paul and Joshua. When Joshua put on his paratute he jumped out.Paul follwed but he didnt use a paratute. Bill went to look for joshua the next day but they couldnt find him. Phil and Smith thought he died. So Bill Phil and Smith looked around for him but then they couldnt find paul either. But when they went back to the helicopter to look around for them they found paul holding joshaus leg and wrapping it up. The only clue they had of what heppened was a broken helicopter engine. What happened to joshua?
Answer: The helicopter was never in the air and when joshua jumped out he fell and broke his leg because the paratute never opened and since paul didnt have a paratue he wasnt relying on it to open so he knew how to land.
Helicpoter Mystery Riddle Meme.
Helicpoter Mystery Riddle Meme.
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