Riddle: Person: Vab, Pawlie, Yaksha, Kaliya, Rudirex, and Jonathin.

Loves: Everyone loves someone else out of the persons list.

Married: Everyone either 'isn't' or 'is' married.

Class: The classes are Magi, Monk, Sentinel, Paladin, or Serpent (each person can only have one class).

Does: They either Fight, Train, Refill, Scheme, Deliver, or Pasifies (each person can only do one of these)
House: There are 3 houses. Santaari, Dawnstriders, and Crystalline (each person can only have one house... but some of the people can have the same house.

Gender: each person is either Male or Female.

1. Pawlie and Rudirex are in the same class.

2. Vab schemes about her house and city.

3. Only 2 people are married to each other.

4. Yaksha is married to the person who does refills.

5. Vab and Pawlie are sisters.

6. Rudirex is the person who pasifies.

7. The sisters are in the same house.

8. Vab is a Monk.

9. None of the females love females and none of the males love males.
10. Yaksha delivers people to safety.
11. Only Sentinels do refills.
12. Jonathin is the only person in the house Crystalline.
13. Vab and 2 others are in the house Dawnstriders.
14. Pawlie is of the serpent class.
15. The person who pasifies loves Pawlie.
16. One of the people that is of the serpent class fights.
17. Kaliya likes to refill vials.
18. the 2 people in the Santaari house are married.
19. Rudirex and Pawlie are in the same house.
20. The paladin delivers.

21. Jonathin and Vab are in love.

Who... Is the Magi?
Answer: Jonathin
Achaea Riddle Chart Riddle Meme.
Achaea Riddle Chart Riddle Meme.
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