Riddle: When a billionair is in a bullet-proof room, and the siren goes off for a twister he goes to his safe with his family. Only he knows the voice activated code to open the safe door. Suddenly the twister hits the house and the twister hit the safe. Metal was dented everywhere. One dent hit the billionair. He was knocked out cold. Then firefighters came around searching the houses if anybody was in the house. Then the family started to bang on the side of the safe for them to hear them and save them. The firefighters heard them. They asked how to get into the safe. The son asked his dad(billionair)what the word was to open the safe. The dad didn't answer. So the firefighters stayed there until the dad woke up. The dad woke up but he said thet he doesn't know anything. How does the Family get out of the safe?
Answer: The son is a doctor and cures him and gets the word out of him.
 Riddle Meme.
Riddle Meme.
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