Riddle: A man and a woman live in a round mansion. The man walks into the living room and finds out that his wife has been murdered. He asked all his employees if they murdered her and what they were doing at the time. First he questioned the butler. The butler said,"No, it wasn't me, I was taking your son to the school dance." Next he questioned the maid. The maid said,"No, it wasn't me. I took a bath, then I dusted the corners of the mansion, then topping the afternoon off by reading my book. Finally he questioned the chef. The chef said,"No, it wasn't me. I was preparing your roast beef for this evening's dinner? Which one of his employees is the murderer?
Answer: The maid- there are no corners in a round mansion.
Mansion Murder Riddle Meme.
Mansion Murder Riddle Meme.
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