A Teenagers Riddle

ees llahs uoy dna sdrawkcab siht daer
eeht ot flesti laever lliw elddir eht

erbmun a si eulc eht
ton si rewsna eht
redroni hguorht desuac
redro fo tuo yltnerruc
nihtiw seil rewsna eht

the answer is "turds". want to know how to get this answer? here it is:

decifered -

read this backwards and you shall see
the riddle will reveal itself to thee

the clue is a number
the answer is not
caused through inorder
currently out of order
the answer lies within

after this, the top paragraph is used for only one thing.
the word "backwards"

after you decifer the riddle, you still have to do some
backwards reading.
"the clue is a number". to get this number, count the number of
words in each line, for the first, its 5.
count from the end of the line "r" and count 5 letters back.
you end with "u".
do the same for the rest, and you end with :


the next part, is a riddle in itself.
"caused through inorder
currently out of order
the answer lies within"

the "caused through inorder" is suggesting an anagram.
the "answer lies within" means that the answer is the solved

if we solve the anagram, we come up with two results that make
"durst" and "turds"
now think, a teenager made this riddle, it would seem strange
having an answer like "durst" leaving only one possibility.

yep, you guessed it.
the answer is "turds"

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