Riddle: In a land there was once a circle house. All of a sudden, the father in the house was murdered at noon. Who'd done it?

~The youngest daughter was playing dolls
~The second daughter was swimming outside
~The third daughter was at the neighbor's house
~The 4th daughter was at CCD
~The fifth daughter was a Drama Club
~The sixth daughter was doing her nails
~The oldest daughter was playing scabble
~The youngest son was playing pictionary
~The second son was at football practice
~The third son was in Drama Club
~The 4th son was in video club
~The fifth son was at Dunkin' Doughnuts
~The maid was cleaning the corners
~The wife was doing the dishes
~The grandmother was going the laundry
~The grandfather was sleeping upstairs
~The niece was at soccer practice
~The brother was playing Knock-Hockey with the murdered man.
Answer: The maid murdered the man. The maid was cleaning the corners and there are no corners in a circle house.
House Murder Riddle Meme.
House Murder Riddle Meme.
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