Riddle: A merchant boy asks the king for the princess's hand in marriage. The king replies, "Tomorrow I will set a bowl with two pieces of paper in it in front of the entire kingdom. One piece will say Tiger and one will say Princess. If you choose tiger, you will be fed to the tigers. If you choose princess, you will marry the princess." The boy later finds out that the king is planning to trick him by putting the word tiger on both pieces of paper. The next day the boy picks a paper and ends up marrying the princess. How does he do it?
Answer: The boy chooses the paper and eats it without showing anyone the word on the paper and says, "I have made my decision. If the paper with tiger on it is left then I must have chosen the princess." They opened the remaining piece with the word tiger written on it. The boy got to marry his princess after all.
The Princess and the Tiger Riddle Meme.
The Princess and the Tiger Riddle Meme.
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