Riddle: A man was getting ready for a date. After dresssing himself, he suddenly realized he had forgotten to grab a pair of socks. The man had 100 pair, half black-half white. The light was out in his bedroom but he could feel his way around the darkness and find the sock drawer. Because of the darkness, the man could only feel around for socks. He couldn't see the color and because he was a slob the black and white socks where all mixed up together in the drawer... How many sock must the man grab in order to insure a pair of same colored socks?
Answer: The answer is 3. There are only 2 colors, black and white. If he picks three socks, two will automatically be the same color.
A good pair of socks! Riddle Meme.
A good pair of socks! Riddle Meme.
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