Riddle: In the village of Townie, everyone (including the kids) knew that if you stick a knife in a grave at the graveyard, particularly a relative, as you start to walk away you will be pulled under. One night there was a party in the village that EVERYONE was invited to. Margaret Kittredge was a little girl in the town. all of the kids would gather at these parties. One of the boys dared Margaret who was wearing a long dress to stick a knife in her grandmother's grave at midnight. She agreed to do it, not knowing what the future held for her. All the boys said that they would wait and watch, but when they got there, they ran away. Margaret stuck the knife into gramma's grave, but when she started to walk away, something held her back! She screamed and cried and struggled until the next morning the people found her body by the grave. if she wasn't pulled under, what killed her?
Answer: When she stuck the knife in she pinned her dress to the ground.
A walk in the graveyard Riddle Meme.
A walk in the graveyard Riddle Meme.
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